Pro Fit Mid-Size Mouse - Feels Great In Your Hand

1/30/2013 9:17:07 AM

Hands on

While Apple’s Magic Mouse lets you do a few multi-touch gestures, I've never liked how it felt in my hand, and I hate how it scrolls—I’d much rather have a real scroll wheel for navigating the long pages of text I read day in and day out. When I plugged in Kensington’s Pro Fit Mid-Size Mouse, it felt so much more comfortable and responsive that my Magic Mouse immediately went in a drawer and might never come out.

Pro Fit Mid-Size Mouse

Pretty colors and great performance.

Lefties need not apply here the ergonomic design is shaped to be held in your right hand, but its curves and button placement make it feel great under your fingers and palm. The scroll wheel gives me just enough tactical feedback without any extra noise. (A couple of years ago I used a Microsoft mouse with such a loud scroll wheel rattle that my coworkers made fun of me.)

Pro Fit Mid-Size Mouse

It has a few extra buttons: two under where your thumb goes, and one below the scroll wheel. The lower under-thumb button opens the Application Switcher (the thing that pops up when you press Command-Tab), but the other two did nothing. System Preferences > Mouse let me set the tracking, scrolling, and double-click speeds, but it wouldn’t let me reprogram those extra buttons.

Pro Fit Mid-Size Mouse

And when I opened System Preferences > Mission Control, I was able to choose a new function for Mouse Button 3 (the upper of the two under-thumb buttons). But I couldn't reassign Mouse Button 4 to do anything besides open the Application Switcher, and Mouse Button 5 (under the scroll wheel) wouldn't do anything. It'd be cool if Kensington supplied a driver to fix that, but for $25, just having a comfortable, responsive mouse will suffice.

Pro Fit Mid-Size Mouse

The bottom line. Size-wise it hits the sweet spot between too small notebook mouse and big-Honkin’ desktop versions. The tiny Nano USB receiver snaps into the bottom of the mouse for travel. And it feels great in my hand.


·         Website:

·         Price: $24.99

·         Requirements: USB port, right hand

·         (+) Really small receiver. Comfortable. Nice colors. Great battery life. Inexpensive.

·         (-) Mot for lefties. Can’t reprogram all the buttons.


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