Vengeance Game Keyboard Of Corsair - Mechanical Masterpieces Give You Control (Part 1)

6/15/2012 5:51:57 PM

When talking about game hardware, players are really picky. They know what they like and what work well, and they are willing to spend an amount of money which is necessary to have the best equipment.

Therefore, when Corsair decided to join the game hardware market, such as K60 and K90 Vengeance keyboard, the company knew they had to make worthy choices to compete with hardware vendors that are more prestigious.

 “We want to provide game community with the ability and consistent options with their needs”, Stan Kwong – the product manager of Corsair said.

Introduce Vengeance

Description: Corsair Vengeance K60

Corsair Vengeance K60

Corsair has sought to provide these options with 2 Vengeance keyboards, as well as Vengance 1100, 1300, and 1500 headsets, and Vengeance M60 and M90 mice. All Vengeance products were launched in the middle of September, 2011 and available in December. Keyboards were extremely attractive because they included Cherry MX Red key switches in a mechanical keyboard design.

K60 is a FPS (first-person shooter) game keyboard, while K90 is MMO/RTS (massively multiplater online/real-time strategy) keyboard.

 “MMO/RTS and FPS gamers have specific demands and we want to design performance products for their unique needs”, Kwong explained. “Our goal is to design products which enable gamers to play well and win the game”.

Cherry MX Red

Description: Corsair-Vengeance-K60-Cherry-MX-Red-Keyboard-3


Kwong said that designs of Vengeance needed 2 years and Corsair complied with similar process and theories with computing products before.

 “Our customers are also interested in performance equipment like us”, he said. “We showed it in PC with the case, memory modules, SSD and cooling device.”

Two Vengeance keyboards take advantage of switches in most keys and they are gilt Cherry MX Red. Mechanical keys supply faster responses than membrane keys which reduce latency when playing games. For example, with Cherry MX Red keys, a keystroke is recognized when it is pressed a half. Keys which don’t use mechanical switches compose of ESC, function keys, macro keys, and INSERT, DELETE, HOME, END, PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN, which use traditional rubber caps in membrane keys.

 “Based on researches after trial time, we decided to use Cherry MX Red switches for all typing and action keys”, Kwong said. “We realized that many keystrokes are important in action keys but they are not on other keys, especially macro keys. Accidental launching a macro twice times may destroy a proper plan”.

Features of mechanical keyboard

Description: Corsair has used "Cherry MX Red' switches in these keyboards

Corsair has used "Cherry MX Red' switches in these keyboards

Mechanical keys are designed to recognize your keystrokes before you press key to the bottom. Some people feel that press to the bottom of the key causes them to be frustrated when using the keyboard in a long time. Mechanical keys also make a keystroke double become easier. Mechanical key has a physical switch which records when the key is pushed, and the switch is activated by a pressure or weight of a specific key which can be adjusted for different models of mechanical keys.

Cherry MX keys are considers as game keys because their weight to start is light (45g). Cherry MX also creates other high-quality keys. Cherry MX Clear weighs 55g, while Cherry MX Blue uses 50g. Some high-level keys have their weight up to 70g.

When you press a key which is not traditional mechanical, the switch with rubber cap goes to a hole in below membrane, completes electrical connection to make the system recognize the keystroke.

Switches in mechanical keys have lifetime longer than dome switches in traditional keyboard. Keys in Vengeance are evaluated 50 times of use.

Description: Features of mechanical keyboard

It may take several minutes to practice to get familiar with the feeling of extremely quick and they don’t make clicking or striking sounds to show that the keystroke is successful for many users, as other mechanical models. However, Kwong said the response with Vengeance keyboard of Corsair points out that gamers appreciate the quality of Cherry MX Red.

 “It’s the reason and motivation for gamers to upgrade their current keyboard”, he said. “Cherry MX Red switches have been searched in a game keyboard for a long time”.

A new market

Description: Corsair Vengeance Gaming Keyboards

Corsair Vengeance Gaming Keyboards

Corsair has a large number of customers who always keep track of its different computing products and Vengeance keyboards won’t affect to the development of other products. Kwong said that the extension on Vengeance game products had become popular with both old and new customers.

“Our join in headset, keyboard and mouse market is a natural expansion for our consuming products. It is well-considered by gamer community.”

Because Corsair is a new company in keyboard market, it has to make some distinctive design ideas to be competitive. A high-level design quality along with special features makes K60 and K90 Vengeance keyboards turn into an interesting addition for the market of hardware game.

 “The participation in a new category with prestigious is never easy”, Kwong admitted. “Improving what we are having is even more difficult but we are proud of products that we have launched”.

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