Vengeance Game Keyboard Of Corsair - Mechanical Masterpieces Give You Control (Part 2)

6/15/2012 5:52:45 PM

Features of Vengeance

Description: Description: Features of Vengeance

K60 (for FPS gamers) costs USD109, while K90 (for MMO/RTS gamers) costs USD129. With two keyboards of Vengeance, you will find many important features.

Start power. Both keyboards have 45g start power for their mechanical keys.

Aluminum frame. Dim aluminum keys carved by laser on K60 and K90 give longer lifetime.

Anti-ghosting. With this feature, pressing multiple keys doesn’t matter. With ghosting, when you press two keys at the same time, a keystroke from the third key is also recognized. It is not a problem with Vengeance keyboards.

Cherry MX Red keys. These special keys are really sensitive, easily allow double and triple keystrokes.

 “Both keyboards have Cherry MX Red switches, which has the lightest start in Cherry mechanical switch”, Kwong said.

Dimension. The dimension of K60 is .94 x 17.24 x 6.42 inch (24 x 438 x 163 mm), while K90’s is 0.94 x 19.76 x 6.42 inch (24 x 502 x 163mm). K90 is wider because of macro keys.

KRO (Key roll-over).  These keys have 20KRO settings, on behalf of the number of keys which could be pressed simultaneous while recognizing all keystrokes. 20KRO is the highest available  indicator on USB keyboard. This feature is combined with anti-ghosting to provide suitable result for gamers.

 “Both of them are significant features which allow multiple keys to be pressed, even when fast actions cause rolling problems and prevent wrong keyboard request from happening”, Kwong said.

Operation period. Keys are evaluated 50 million actions, partly because of golden contacts.

Software. Through software which you can download from the website of Corsair, you can set macros and control other features of the keyboard.

Moving distance. When pressing each key, you can start the key at 2mm and the key is able to move to 4mm.

Warranty. Both keyboards can be 2-year warranty.

K90 Vengeance keyboard for FPS gamer

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Raw keys. With K60, you will see W, A, S and D and number 1 through 6 keys which have optional red caps with tough appearance and border. It helps you easily feel the position of these keys without looking at the keyboard. Caps could be removed with an attached tool and replaced with standard keys.

Media control keys. On the upper right corner of both keyboards, Corsair includes stop, fast-forward, reverse, play/pause, and mute buttons as well as volume switch.

Spare wrist room. Wrist room of K60 is narrow and lies along the left side of the keyboard, and additional caps can be stored in it.

K90 Vengeance keyboard for MMO/RTS gamers

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Macro profile keys. You can recored K90 macro (by using MR buttons) and convert between 3 macro profiles (M1, M2 and M3). These macro profiles along with 18 macro each key bring 54 macro which could be programmed.

 “It is becoming more important when games require players to perform more button combinations, ask to access more quickly and play various roles, especially in teamwork”, Kwong explained about including 54 macro options with K90.

Windows lock. Along the top of K90, there are two small buttons, one will lock Windows and another control the intensity of LED. Four different levels of the backlight are allowed. K60 doesn’t have LED button but it gets a Windows lock.

Macro keys. With K90 keyboard, you will access to 18 keys which can be adjusted with macros that are able to be programmed. There is no LED backlight with these keys. K60 doesn’t have macro keys because it’s not important to use in FPS games.

“MMO/RTS players expect more macro keys and key combinations to improve game skill, whilst FPS gamers like action/movement keys to be more comfortable in smaller space”, Kwong said.

LED backlight. K90 composes of a green LED backlight which can be adjusted to help you easily see keys in the dark. Combining LED backlight with the fact that keys are not surrounded by the case, and green LED backlight makes them more outstanding in the air.

Safe wrist room and efficiency. The wrist room of K90 helps to use Vengeance keyboard more comfortable during many hours of playing game. Wrist room of K90 expands the length of the keyboard and can be attach to the position or twist by two nails to be more stable.

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