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10/1/2012 9:17:09 PM

Tablets today are often regarded as subpar tools for writing. But is that really the case? We discover that tablets, while imperfect are great tools for catching up on the word count. All you need are the right tools for it.

It was on that one fine day in which I sat myself in an American coffee house to find myself surrounded by writers. Hardworking, dedicated writers, hunched over mugs of cooling coffee and... tablets. Computer tablets. iPads and Android slates and what have you. I was surprised, and perhaps a little disgruntled. Who told them that tablets were good writing tools? Everyone agreed that they were subpar, unwholesome gadgets when it comes to processing words by the bulk.

"They kinda are, yeah," one writer told me, eyes cocked and smirk curled like I was the only guy who never got the memo. "But you kind of mound them into one, see. Turn them into good tools and get used to them."

And it's true. There are tablet users out there that swear on the utter inability of the tablet to function as a proper writing tool. After all, tablets today are made for content consumption. Yeap, you can't deny the fact that the tablet was never designed to accommodate word processing optimally, but it doesn't mean that you cannot turn it into one.

Why aren't many writers flocking towards the wondrous portability and immense battery life of the tablet? Many cite the lack of a physical keyboard being one, and you know it yourself. The virtual keyboard will never cut it. Others believe that the tablet lack the proper software to optimize its productivity output, and by default that is true.

But these people miss out on the joy of writing on tablets, too. They miss out on the ease and instantaneousness of using tablets at work. They miss out on the wonders of the Cloud. And the problems at hand? They can be solved with a little searching and clever investment.


The single one hardware you really need to invest in is a keyboard. A made-for-tablet keyboard. The best candidates go to the Apple Wireless Keyboard (for the iPad, and it looks great and types well if not a little heavy), and the Logitech Tablet Keyboard (both the iPad and Android variations). The latter in particular has a nifty separate stand and a useful carrying case.

Frankly, though, any wireless keyboard for tablets work here, so long they type with the sort of tactile feedback that you're comfortable with. Also look for something you don't mind carrying around; keyboard cases would be good if you hate to have to lug a separate device. Otherwise, invest on a convertible tablet, such as the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, which come with a keyboard dock that not only types well, but also increase its overall functionality. 

Description: The single one hardware you really need to invest in is a keyboard.

The single one hardware you really need to invest in is a keyboard.

The apps

Word processing apps are not cheap. It’s doubly more expensive sometimes because it comes with a full office suite, and that might feel like a waste if you don’t need the other functions. What you should be looking for are uncluttered document management, seamlessness in workflow, Cloud integration and word count. We’ve rounded up the best apps that we know.

Daedalus Touch

Price: $4.99

Developer: The Soulmen

Description: Daedalus Touch

Daedalus Touch

The best bit about Daedalus Touch for the iPad is that it’s created specifically as a text editor. There are no file lists, no folders and no documents in the ordinary sense; you work on paper stacks which you create by the infinite number of sheet you can summon. It has both word and character count, and add to the seamlessness of it, it even comes with an integrated web browser for Internet access. You can keep on working on it without any worry; it reportedly can support large text files of 20,000 words and more. Simple, organic and – most importantly – wittedly, Daedalus Touch is that touch to writing you’ll like on your iPad.

iA Writer

Price: $0.99

Developer: Information Architects

Description: iA Writer

iA Writer

iA Writer is the iPad word processor you get if you’ve not invested in a wireless keyboard. The virtual keyboard for this app is fantastic, coming with additional sets of useful keys, along with a better keyboard arrangement and actual arrow buttons. That’s not all that’s good about iA Writer. The design of the app is to allow better focus on the text rather than the program, with a useful FocusMode that lets you concentrate on the active text on screen. The interface is clean and simple, and there are DropBox and email integration to keep your workflow smoother.

Kingsoft Office

Price: Free

Developer: Kingsoft Office Software Corporation

Description: Kingsoft Office

Kingsoft Office

All Android users really need is the extra effort to go ahead and download the Kingsoft Office. This office suite is absolutely free, at the cost of only supporting the most barebones of features. Still, what is has to offer pretty much beats having nothing to work on at all. The Kingsoft Office’s word processor allows you to view and edit files of DOC, DOCX and TXT formats, and you can copy and paste between apps and utilize the magnifying glass text selector to better type. If you’re not willing to fish out the cash for something more wholesome, Kingsoft Office will be all you need. You cheap kate.

My Writing Spot

Price: $2.99

Developer: PT Software Solutions

Description: My Writing Spot

My Writing Spot

It may sound like a simple app, but its simplicity is what makes My Writing Spot so good. It’s a basic word processor that maintains the features that matter, such as word count and adjustable font size. The best part of My Writing Spot is how its web-based app, which means you can very seamlessly access and write your manuscript from any other computer. You can even password-protect it to keep it from prying eyes. It might not have fanciful features, but it keeps you in the task of writing and does a fine job keeping your workflow seamless.

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