Personalizing Windows 8 : Personalizing Your Lock Screen (part 2) - Adding a New Lock Screen Picture on the Fly

10/1/2012 1:18:24 AM

>>>step-by-step: Adding a New Lock Screen Picture on the Fly

If you’re viewing photos on your computer and see an image you particularly like, you can make that photo your Lock screen image instantly, if you like. Here are the steps.

1. Display the photo you want to use as the lock screen.

2. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to display the photo options.

3. Tap or click Set as Lock Screen. The new photo is applied instantly as your Windows 8 Lock screen.

Changing Your Account Picture

Your account picture is the small image that appears when you tap a key or swipe up on your lock screen. Similar to your profile picture in your favorite social media account or your avatar in Windows Live Messenger, your account picture is your own personal expression of who you want to be today. You can change your account picture in Windows 8 by switching it out in your Personalize settings. Begin by displaying the Charms bar, tapping or clicking Settings, and choosing More PC Settings.

1. In the Personalize screen, tap or click Account Picture.

2. To choose a new picture from the files on your computer, tap or click Browse.


3. In the Files screen, tap or click the photo you want to use.

4. Tap or click Choose Image, and Windows 8 adds it to your Account Picture preview.

5. If you want to add a picture using your webcam, tap or click Webcam.


6. When the picture you want to capture is displayed, tap the screen to take the photo.


7. Windows 8 displays the picture in a preview screen. Click the cropping handles to adjust what remains visible in the picture.

8. When the picture is displayed the way you want it to appear, tap or click OK.

9. If you want to replace this photo, tap or click Retake and repeat steps 6 through 8. Windows 8 then substitutes the new webcam photo for your Account Picture in the Personalize settings.


Where are these things stored?

If you go to the trouble of creating and saving different account pictures, are they stored somewhere so that you can switch them as the fancy strikes you? Yes, thankfully, all the images you use as account pictures—whether you browse for them or capture them using your webcam—are stored in an Account Pictures folder. To see all the images that are available to you to use as account pictures, display the Personalize settings, tap or click Account Picture, and choose Browse. You can then change the account picture by selecting the image you want to use and tapping or clicking the Choose Image button.

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