Search for a File or Directory

9/25/2010 3:18:07 PM
Problem : You need to find a file or directory by name, possibly with wildcards.

The DirectoryInfo object contains many useful functions, among them the ability to search the file system for files and folders containing a search pattern. The search pattern can contain wildcards, just as if you were using the command prompt.

Listing 1 provides a simple example that searches a directory tree for any file or directory that matches the input pattern.

Listing 1. Searching for a File or Directory
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.IO;

namespace Find
class Program
static bool _folderOnly = false;
static string _startFolder;
static string _searchTerm;

static void Main(string[] args)
if (!ParseArgs(args))
Console.WriteLine("Searching {0} for \"{1}\" {2}",
_startFolder, _searchTerm,
_folderOnly ? "(folders only)" : "");

private static void DoSearch()
DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo(_startFolder);
DirectoryInfo[] directories = di.GetDirectories(_searchTerm,
int numResults = directories.Length;
if (!_folderOnly)
FileInfo[] files = di.GetFiles(
numResults += files.Length;

Console.WriteLine("{0:N0} results found", numResults);

private static void PrintSearchResults(
DirectoryInfo[] directories)
foreach(DirectoryInfo di in directories)
di.Name, di.Parent.FullName, "D");

private static void PrintSearchResults(FileInfo[] files)
foreach(FileInfo fi in files)
fi.Name, fi.DirectoryName, "F");

static void PrintUsage()
"Usage: Find [-directory] SearchTerm StartFolder");
Console.WriteLine("Ex: Find -directory code D:\\Projects");
Console.WriteLine("* wildcards are accepted");

static bool ParseArgs(string[] args)
if (args.Length < 2)
return false;
if (string.Compare(args[0], "-directory") == 0)
_folderOnly = true;
if (args.Length < 3)
return false;
_startFolder = args[args.Length - 1];
_searchTerm = args[args.Length - 2];
return true;

Here’s the program output (your results will likely vary):

D:\code\ch11\Find\bin\Debug>Find *media* "c:\Program Files" > temp.txt
Searching c:\Program Files for "*media*"
Windows Media Player c:\Program Files D
VideoMediaHandler.dll c:\Program Files\Movie Maker F
VideoMediaHandler.dll.mui c:\Program Files\Movie Maker\en-US F
3 results found


You may get an “access denied” error while running this program when the search runs across a folder you don’t have permission to access. One way to handle this is to change the search options to SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly, track the subdirectories in a stack, and perform the recursive search yourself, handling the possible exceptions along the way.

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