Installing Configuration Manager 2007 : Site Installation (part 2) - Installing a ConfigMgr Service Pack

3/25/2013 4:28:21 AM

2. Installing a ConfigMgr Service Pack

Before installing a service pack, read the Readme file included with the service pack media. As always, ensure you have a proper backup before attempting the upgrade. 

Note: Disable All SQL Replication Before Performing the Site Upgrade

To upgrade successfully, you must first remove any existing database replication and subscriptions. Microsoft provides an article on disabling SQL Server database replication at

Performing a Site Database Upgrade Test

Before upgrading a site, you should perform a site database upgrade test. This test is a destructive test, so be sure to make a copy of your database.

Making a Copy of the ConfigMgr Database

Perform the following steps to make a copy of the ConfigMgr site database:

Stop the following Windows Services for ConfigMgr:





  • Any other services running that begin with “SMS_

Launch Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (Start -> Programs -> SQL Server 2005 -> SQL Server Management Studio).

Expand the Databases node and right-click the ConfigMgr database (by default named SMS_XXX, where XXX is the site code). Now select Tasks -> Copy Database to launch the Copy Database Wizard.

Click Next after reviewing the Welcome screen.

Select the source server and configure the required authentication settings.

Specify the destination server and configure the required authentication settings.

Specify the transfer method—the detach and attach method is preferred.

Verify the ConfigMgr Site database is the selected database to copy.

Accept the default database name for the new test database, or specify as desired.

Accept the defaults on the Configure the Package page of the Copy Database Wizard.

Select Run Immediately as the start time.

Click Finish for the copy to proceed. (Depending on the size of the database, this may take several minutes to several hours.)

Verify successful completion and then click Close to close the Copy Database Wizard.

Refresh the Databases node in SQL Server Management Studio to see the new database.

Restart the services stopped in step 1, or simply reboot the server.

The database copy does not need to reside on the production ConfigMgr site—in fact, it doesn’t even need to be on a ConfigMgr site! Simply attach the database copy to any SQL Server instance running the same version and service pack level as your site database.

After copying the database, perform the following steps:

From the installation media, run the following command line, replacing SMS_XXX_COPY with the name of your test database:

SMSSETUP\BIN\I386\setup.exe /testdbupgrade <SMS_XXX_COPY>

The prerequisite checker will run briefly.

Select Begin TestDBUpgrade.

Once again, the log files %SystemRoot%\ConfigMgrPrereq.log and %SystemRoot%\ConfigMgrSetup.log are updated, this time with information about the database upgrade test. A message appears stating ConfigMgr has been successfully upgraded.

Successfully performing a test upgrade on your database is an indicator that the database portion of the site upgrade will run smoothly.

Performing the Upgrade

The remainder of the process of installing the latest service pack for ConfigMgr is very similar to the initial installation of your site. 

  • Perform the same steps for running the prerequisite checker and downloading additional prerequisites.

  • Because your site is already a primary site, the Available Setup Options page gives you the ability to upgrade or uninstall. As shown in Figure 13, select the option Upgrade an existing Configuration Manager or SMS 2003 installation.

    Figure 13. The Available Setup Options page

  • You may be prompted to uninstall an older version of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) first; if so, be certain to restart your server after removing the WAIK.

To ensure proper functionality, also upgrade all remote consoles, using the same process as when upgrading your site.

Tip: Upgrade Your New Site to the Current ConfigMgr Service Pack Before Attaching to Your Hierarchy

When installing a new site, be sure to upgrade the site to your standard service pack level for ConfigMgr before you attach the site to your hierarchy. When you attach a site, all parent sites initiate a replication to ensure that the new site has proper content. A similar process occurs when you install a service pack on a child site. By your upgrading to your standard service pack level before attaching the site, the new site only needs to process one complete replication instead of two. Save yourself, your network, and your new site some processing cycles by ensuring the new site has your standard ConfigMgr service pack installed prior to attaching. 

After the upgrade completes, review the installation logs %SystemRoot%\ConfigMgrPrereq.log and %SystemRoot%\ConfigMgrSetup.log. Next, launch the ConfigMgr console, expand the Site Database node, and click Site Management to view the version information for your site. Figure 14 shows an example of the central site with ConfigMgr with SP 1 installed—both the version and build number have changed from the base release of ConfigMgr 2007.

Figure 14. ConfigMgr site with Service Pack 1 installed

Tip: Order of Operations—Upgrade Central Site First

If you have a multisite hierarchy in place, be sure to upgrade the central site first and then move down the hierarchy from the top.

For additional information about upgrading a ConfigMgr site to the latest service pack, search the Microsoft TechCenter for the appropriate ConfigMgr Service Pack check list. As an example, the ConfigMgr 2007 Service Pack 1 Upgrade check list is at

After upgrading the site, you must upgrade the clients attached to the site. Clients can be upgraded with the Client Push Installation Wizard, Software Updates, Software Distribution, or Software Update Point Client Installation.

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