Cool Stuffs Of The Month – March 2013 (Part 1) : Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13, NIKON D5200

3/26/2013 3:43:32 PM

Price: $1,557

Spec: Windows 8,13.3-inch HD+ IPS touch panel, Intel Core i7-3517U, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Wi-Fi, SD card reader, HDMI, W13.lxD8.9xH0.67 inches, 1.54 kg

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13

Lenovo Ideapad Yoga 13

It's taken its own sweet time coming, but the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga is finally here. What could have been the first Windows 8 convertible has been launched in India after most others have come out with their versions.

DESIGN: The color of the IdeaPad Yoga is the first thing that you will notice, for the devices otherwise looks like any good Ultrabooka bright, but metallic, orange the Yoga is really slim and lightweight. So when you open the lid and fold the display 360 degrees to bring the screen on top with the keyboard facing the ground, the Yoga feels like a very manageable tablet. There are at least two other postures in which you can use this device and hence the name.

But we thought the keyboard which is now facing your lap or a table should have been disabled in this mode. For, even a crease in your pants can get the cursor moving on the screen. Given the fact that the Accu-Type keyboard will also be the base, the Yoga has a matte-finish hard rubber frame running all around the keys. The keys are good and the smooth trackpad responsive. Many one-touch controls like airplane mode have been added to the function keys. The power button is on the front edge so that you won't have trouble switching on or off in tablet mode. There are two USB ports, an HDMI port and a SD card reader.

PERFORMANCE: Some convertibles have FullHD displays, but the HD+ IPS (1600x900p) panel on the Yoga is good enough for you not to find anything amiss. The touch response is good too, but when executing the touch gestures on Windows 8 it is a bit tough to gauge where the bezel is ending. The speakers are just behind the hinge and very good.

The color of the IdeaPad Yoga is the first thing that you will notice

The color of the IdeaPad Yoga is the first thing that you will notice

The Yoga 13 we tested was powered by the 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3317U processor. It had no trouble with our regular hi-res image, video and browser tests. This is also a very cool device, even after hours of browsing and video watching. This is crucial if you want to use the Yoga primarily as a tablet. Lenovo has preloaded the device with some handy apps like its cloud storage service,

Evernote and RaRa. Plus, the Yoga has camera-based motion control support for some apps like Windows Media Player, which make good sense when you are using it in the tent or desktop modes.

A minor quirk kept niggling us though. When you hold the Yoga in tablet mode and try to log-in, the virtual keyboard just keeps minimizing. This meant we had to flip the screen back and type with the keyboard. This problem did not use the keyboard for other stuff in tablet mode. Anyway, the Yoga tablet among the convertibles we have seen and this is because it is and sleekest.

Bag it or junk it?

Very balanced device overall, so buy it for style and power.

NIKON D5200 - Sturdy Star


Price:  $867

Specs: 24MP CMOS sensor, 1/4000 max shutter speed, ISO 25600, 1080p 30fps, SD card, swivel LCD


Some cameras give you a feeling of power, the power to create art in a fraction of a second. The Nikon D5200 is one such camera, absolutely sure of itself and the power it POS-

The D5200 does not look much different from the D5100 or the D3200 and has a very compact body. The matte finish extends to the flip-out screen too. The screen can fold face in, and this protects the LCD when you don't need to use it. The grip is good and gives you a feeling of control even with heavy lenses.

The interface is easy to navigate, though the icons make you want to touch them. But that would be of no use as there is no touchscreen here. Still, you can change the settings using the mode dial on top and the control ring below it. Like other new Nikons this one too gives you loads of tweaks and settings, the entire range of which would take some time to master.

One of the first things you will notice, and be pleasantly surprised about, is the click of this camera's mechanical shutter. That is like music to any photographer, a sound of assurance. I still don't like the fact that there is no separate ISO switch in most Nikon DSLRs. But thankfully this one has two Info buttons that bring on the settings- one accessed by the thumb, the other by the trigger finger. Near the trigger finger are also the record button for video and exposure adjustment, both thoughtfully placed. The Menu button is hidden away on the left of the LCD and this throws open a confusing array of detailed settings. You can also use this to do some basic editing of the pictures.

The D5200 does not look much different from the D5100 or the D3200 and has a very compact body.

The D5200 does not look much different from the D5100 or the D3200 and has a very compact body.

We tested the camera with a Nikkor 18-55mm VR lens and the results were as good as we expected. The color reproduction on this 24MP camera is top-notch and pictures look the way they are supposed to. The 39-point auto-focus too did not trouble us and is ably assisted by an illuminator so that you can compose pictures even in near darkness. In fact, the camera offers superb results at high ISOs and you can actually click pictures even in extremely low light conditions without ending up with just noise.

The auto-focus works equally well while you are recording 1080p video at 50fps. There is, however, no separate mode for video and this is a bit of an irritant, especially since you have to go to menu to tweak settings while shooting. But then the results will make you overlook this minor glitch.

The D5200 is among the best mid-level DSLR options in the market offering great results and amazing versatility.

Bag it or junk it?

Best mid-level DSLR option

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