Summarize Small Liquid Cooling System (Part 1)

5/10/2013 5:50:42 PM

Cooling system with common liquid circle is trying to knock supper-cooling part by air down once again. However, at this time, we have decided to collect them in huge recapitulative chains. We will discuss 5 products from Corsair, Thermaltake and Zalman.

There were many liquid-cooling systems made follow small product lines for CPU in the end of 2012. Mostly, producers announced or launched a closed-loop solution which was based on Asetek.

We have checked liquid-cooling system basing on familiar background and written dozens of comment on them, but February 2013, the producers focused on this trend because of some reasons, a plenty of advertisements on new liquid-cooling products broadcast. Corsair and Thermaltake indicated to their product while Zalman launched up to three new cooling products, and the first different cooling product with liquid inside. Cooler Master gave four products in this kind of cooling-system, and NZXT with two ones. Schythe even revealed their first liquid-cooling product line.

It’s difficult to explain increase of interest of producers on such solutions. Our experiment repeated proof that small liquid-cooling system has no advantages compared to top cooling products at the moment. However, we cannot ignore this trend, especially when we received over a dozen new products. You can see them in the following picture.

For the abundance of checked products, we will publish two articles about them. The one you are reading right now includes less ambitious products and less expensive while top products will talk about in next article. Therefore, let’s start.

The test objects

Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet

The lowest one among four products of Corsair, which we supposed to check, named Hydro H55 Quiet. It is packed in almost white and small carton:

Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet

Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet

Picture of cooling part and sample number can be seen on front side of box. Technical specifications and accessories are listed on sides.

You can find out list of supported background and chart of comparing effective and noise of this product to one packaged cooling product of Intel.

There is a soft carton inside. It has divided parts for cooling item, fan, and accessories.



The accessories contain holding and supporting dishes, screws, plastic locks, and metal holding pipes – anything you need to install Corsair Hydro H55 on any supporting equipment. You also have some materials:



This product is made in China with price of $69.95. Guarantee in 5 years.

As most of the products in this article, Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet relies on famous foundation of Asetek 550LC that has reasonable price, be easy to install and use. We first met that background in 2011 in the article of Antec KÜHLER H2O 620 and it hasn’t changed since that time. It still includes a set of radiator with fan, two flexible pines, and a water pumps.

Description: Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet

Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet

The pipe is 300 mm long, and outer diameter is 11mm. They are squeezed by output and input controlling parts which make us not be worried about the reliability of these connection.

 300-mm-long pipe

300-mm-long pipes

Aluminum radiator includes 11 1.5-mm flat tubes with strips of fold in the middle.

Aluminum radiator

Aluminum radiator

The body of radiator is only 17 mm thick while its whole depth is 27 mm. There are many holes spreading on both side of radiator in order that M4 screws can immobilize fan. Total sizes of radiator are 152x120x27 mm.

A stick on one side shows a barcode and a power 3.9 W.

Two faucets for the tubes installed outside radiator are on the opposite side:

Faucets for tubes

Faucets for tubes

Part of pumping and locking water on the opposite end of tube has size of Ø72x28 mm.

Pumping and locking water

Pumping and locking water

Its productivity is not special (like productivity of other pumps in this article). It is linked to tri-leg connector of motherboard, so we are easy to measure its electricity consumption. We have been surprised when inventing that this figure fluctuated among different cooling parts even though four of the five pumps are entirely similar. Pump of Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet consumes 2.14 W.

Pumping and locking water sectors are about 220 gram weigh. Its ceramic circle is expected to serve at least 50,000 hours and noise is between 26 and 37 dBA. However, that is all information we have had about it. “High performance thermal surface” of faint origin is applied once again on the copper bottom of water pump.

Copper bottom

Copper bottom

Water block does not impress about its design. It is outstanding by a micro channel structure with slight copper of 6-7 mm thick.

The structure is covered with copper

The structure is covered with copper

The simple solution is really effective as we knew; adjusting can revolve to make installation of water pump for CPU and arrangement of tubes inside laptop more easily.

The bottom of pump is made perfectly and not imbalance as some air-cooling systems. The sign of oil for thermal solution on radiator of CPU is quite normal, even not ideal:

Sign of thermal oil

Sign of thermal grease

Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet is equipped with a 120mm fan consisting of a black frame, and a black wheel with seven sharp propellers:

Fan 120mm

Fan 120mm

The fan does not have speeding control and rotates at constant of 1,700 RPM. Its air flow is normal at 57 CFM and noise at 30.3 dBA. Longevity of buffers of outside tube is 50,000 hours.

The same as other cooling systems in this test, Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet is compatible with all modern background from AMD and Intel. You can use frame to install water block for whatever your kinds of CPU are:



The first time you put plastic piece on its end, the position of plastic piece depends on type of your CPU outlet.

Plastic piece

Plastic piece

After that, you can screw frame on outlet without being fixed it:

Screw frame on outlet

Screw frame on outlet

Or you can use a circle so as to keep frame on the water block (you can see the pictures which demonstrate liquid-cooling system as below).

Then you are able to match radiator with fan on the backboard or on your computer.

Match radiator with fan on back board

Match radiator with fan on back board

With installed motherboard, you install water block on your CPU, and fasten the screws.

Install water lock on CPU

Install water block on CPU

That’s all. You only need to connect pump and fan with your motherboard, then start your computer. All process of installing Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet and the same as cooling system; it spends not over 15 minutes.

Common specifications

·         Background: Asetek 550LC

·         Size (Lx W x H), 152x120x52 mm. size of useful body (L x W x H): 151x113x17 mm

·         Material: Aluminum

1 Fan Corsair Hydro H55 Quiet

·         Size: 120x120x25 mm

·         Spacer: one slipping spacer

·         Rotator speed: 1,700 (+/-10%) RPM

·         Airflow: 57 CFM

·         Noise: 30.3 dBA

·         Static pressure: 1.9 mm H2O

·         Nominal voltage: 12V

·         Maximum power consumption: 1.8 W

·         Fan MTBF 50,000/ 5.7 hours/ year


·         Size: 72x28 mm

·         Rotator speed: 1,480 RPM

·         Ceramic circle (CFF1)

·         MTBF 50,000/ 5.7 hours/ year

·         Nominal voltage: 12V

·         Nominal/ Real power consumption: 2.1/ 2.14 W

·         Noise: 2.6-2.7 dBA

Water block

·         Material and structure: copper, micro channel structure

·         Compatible with background: Intel LGA 1155/1156/1366/2011, AMD Socket AM2(+)/AMD3(+)/FM1(2)


·         Tube length: 300 mm

·         Outer diameter: 11 mm

·         Cool liquid: nontoxic, corrosion resistance (Propylence glycol)

·         Range of operating temperature: 5..35oC

·         Range of storing temperature: -20..70oC

·         Total weight: 674g

·         Guarantee: 5 years

·         Price: $69.95

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