The Review Of Three Seasonic Power Supply Suits (Part 3)

7/13/2013 9:18:49 AM

Seasonic SS-1050XM (X-1050)

Although Seasonic’s XM sub-models appeared earlier than the KM3 model discussed above, it is still being produced, so we will go on following our traditional way of assessment to consider PSUs from lower to higher wattages.

We will not rely on their packaging and accessories because they are identical to the KM3 PSUs and their predecessors.

Product packaging

Product packaging

We can only take notice that the packaging is separate for each product model: the wattage rating is printed right on the box.

Exterior design

The external differences from the lower-wattage X series products are not limited to the larger sizes. Instead of a conventional network of fans we can find a cut-out on the PSU case in which is covered by a yellow-colored plastic piece attached to the fan. The plastic sheet bends easily just by pressing with one finger. It has a network of honeycomb vents that helps define Seasonic’s PSU, but is not comfortable in terms of sound. It will create more engine noise at high speeds of the fan.

Product image

Product image

There is almost no empty space on the panel with modular connectors because the increased wattage also means that the expansion opportunities are wider.

The image of the front product

The image of the front product

Even the observed image of the back product is different from the other X series models. The external case is surely longer here while the Power button is also larger.

As a matter of fact, this PSU’s exterior design, from the plastic details of the fan to the power button and large modular connectors, is exactly the same as the Seasonic SS-1000XP. However, it is unmistakable towards the overall style of the X series.

Exterior style

Circuit design

Circuit design

The interior design is similar to the Platinum-certified Seasonic we have tested before. Compared with the Gold-certified models, the SS-1050XM (X-1050) appears to use the elements of both newer (see above in this review) and older products on a bit of larger main PCB.

Interior design

Interior design

The bottom and the left of the photo are corresponsive to the new KM3 models: the layout of the heatsinks with a sub-card in the middle, the filtering chokes, and the input capacitors.

The leftovers from the previously older KM series PSUs can be found in the upper and right side of the photo: the low-voltage with small separate heatsinks, and the power connectors.

Interior design

Interior design

Therefore, the overall circuit design compared to the other X series products: the PFC operation and dedicated voltage regulation based on DC-DC converters.

The inner parts

The inner parts

As the PSUs have been discussed above, the SS-1050XM (X-1050) uses an Infineon ICE2QR4765 chip for its standby source. A Rubycon capacitor is able to be found nearby. The lower-wattage PSUs do not have the components with such a brand.

The capacitors

The capacitors

But as in the models discussed above, the output capacitors are manufactured by United Chemi-Con.

Cables and connectors

All of the SS-1050XM (X-1050) modules are equipped with the following connectors:

·         Connector for a mainboard power cable

·         One connector for a CPU power cable

·         Four connectors for PCIe power cables (one of which can be used for a second CPU power cable)

·         Six peripheral power cables

Coming with the PSU are:

·         A motherboard cable with a 20 +4- pin connector (61 cm)

·         A CPU power cable with 4 +4- pin connector (65 cm)

·         A CPU power cable with a 8-pin connector (65 cm)

·         Three cables graphics card with two 6 +2- pin connectors on each (60 cm)

·         Two cables with three PATA power connectors (55 +15 + 15 cm)

·         One cable with two PATA power connectors (35 +15 cm)

·         Three cables with three SATA power connectors on each (55 +15 +15 cm)

·         One cable with two SATA power connectors (35 +15 cm)

·         An adapter for an electrical connection to a port PATA floppy-drive (15 cm)

The cable system is similar to the previous generation of the X series versions with their dual graphics card cables and large number of PATA power connectors. As for SATA, the X-1050 only has one more than such a connector compared to the lower-wattage models mentioned above.

Even so, there is a significant difference compared with the previous X series products. Their modular cables are mostly similar (except for the 20 +4- pin motherboard cable and the dual graphics card cables), but the high-wattage models mentioned above have more prominent features with more normal round cables coated by nylon.

The selection of cables and connectors is rather sufficient if considered that such PSUs are to aim to the target market of the high-end computer configurations, the dual cables are also quite good. Such computers may include a high-end graphics card with two power connectors, so there will be no cables without being used inside the computer case.

 Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

As for all of the other modern products from Seasonic, the X-1050 can offer most of their power through the +12 V voltage range while the load capacity of the other voltage ranges is fairly low (150 watts is not much for a 1050W PSU).

It stands out with the feature of 80 PLUS Gold certification.

Contrary to the latest products from Seasonic, it comes with a 5-year warranty. That is quite long, but the 7-year warranty period of the KM3 product models is even better.

The summary of the Seasonic SS-1050XM (X-1050) technical specifications:

·         Intel Specifications: ATX12V/EPS12V

·         Dimensions: L190 x W150 x H86 mm

·         Performance: 80 Plus Gold / Energy Star / ErP Lot 6 2013 compliant

·         Protection features: OPP / OVP / UVP / OCT / SCP / OTP

·         Hazardous materials: WEEE / RoHS

·         AC Input Range: 100-240V (90-264V Max)

·         Connectors: M/B 20/24 Pin Connector x 1 (600 mm); CPU 8/4 Pin x 1 (650 mm); CPU 8 Pin x 1 (650mm); PCI-E 8/6 Pin x 6; Peripheral 4 Pin x 8; SATA x 11; Floppy x 2 (Y-adapter)

·         Voltage parameters: Combined power (+3.3V), W: 150; Combined power (+12V), W: 1,044; Combined power (+5V), W: 150; Combined power (-12V), W: 6; Combined power (+5Vsb), W: 15; Max output current (+3.3V), A: 25; Max output current (+5V), A: 25; Max output current (-12V), A: 0.5; Max output current (+5Vsb), A: 3; Max output current (+12V), A: 87

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