Cooler Master JAS PRO - A ‘Permanent’ Stand For Home Or Office Use

12/4/2012 3:13:54 PM

Cooler Master’s Jas Pro is a laptop stand designed for Apples MacBook Pro and iPad tablet.

While its solid aluminium design and grey rubber lining certainly do match the MacBook Pro the Jas Pro is equally compatible with any laptop. There’s probably some maximum weight limitation, but Cooler Master doesn’t advertise it; the 15-inch MacBook Pro is just under 2.6 kg, so anything near or below that weight is fine.

The stand is made from solid machined aluminium, ranging from 4-6mm in thickness. All the surfaces that touch your laptop have thick rubber padding to protect it from scratches and keep it immobile. The same padding keeps the feet steady, and worked well for us on a range of desk surfaces from wood to glass.

Description: Cooler Master JAS PRO

Adjusting the angle of the stand is simple for either iPad or laptop use just move the rear foot of the stand, which is connected to the front by a very solid hinge. The angle can be varied by about 13 degrees, providing plenty of adjustment when combined with that of your laptop’s screen hinge.

You can either open you laptop out or prop it in the stand with the lid fully closed- this is the kind of stand you use with an external keyboard and mouse, and it’s obviously aimed at those wanting a solution for home, rather than on the go.

Having said that, the Jas Pro folds flat for transport, leaving it a hollow 26 x 14 x 2.3 cm. That’s not really all that compact it’s also quite weighty at 636 grams, which could easily be a third or a quarter the weight of your entire laptop.

As a take anywhere stand, it’s not really ideal. As a ‘permanent’ stand for home or office use, it’s brilliant. Highly recommended for MacBook owners

At a glance

·         Adjustable-angle laptop stand

·         Solid aluminium construction, thick rubber padding

·         A little too bulky and heavy to carry around


Cooler master JAS PRO

·         Price: $90

·         Contact:

·         Great laptop stand, with an Apple-inspired visual design

·         Value: 10/10


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