LG Optimus L7 - Reflective Screen And Sluggish Performance

1/15/2013 8:50:03 AM

Taking LG Optimus L7’s back up is the most difficult thing in testing process. It doesn’t have any slot, except for micro-USB gate, so it is the thing that I used. It uses normal SIM. This thing seems to be unusual to big smartphone.

LG Optimus L7

LG Optimus L7

It has big 4.3 inch screen with 800x480 resolution; however, L7’s weight is 120 grams and it is only medium. It seems not to be complex, colorful or in bad condition. In the past, I considered that some smartphones of LG didn’t have clear features. But this smartphone is rather beautiful. Screen’s resolution is rather low to a big smartphone and the truth is that. But it is rather good with ability of making font smooth. I think that using IPS screen is a useful thing and its color is beautiful. Moreover, view is large. However, you can see that if you put it near your friends’ iPhone, its shape is squarer than iPhone. It isn’t established about auto luminosity, so you have to adjust everything with standard establishments. I often base on environment to transfer between minimum and maximum luminosity; however, I consider that this thing is easy. Although its luminosity, even at full luminosity, it actually has better processing screen than my Samsung Galaxy S III a little.

When you see technological features, you will realize that it is not a normally big smartphone. Does it have quad core? It runs ARM Cortex-A5 1GHz and uses a similar processor that you can find in Nokia Lumia 610, with 512MB RAM. In the past, I saw that LG often created wonderful smartphones with a mistake. For example, L3’s mistake is screen; 3D Optimus’s mistake is battery. I was afraid that processor would follow L7’s Achilles. But I realized that it ran well. Although it delays in 4 seconds to open an application, it seems to be rather quick for you to be in an application. Establishment’s changes mean that a small stop between screens; however, it isn’t too difficult. My compulsory testing application runs rather slowly, but it can completely play well.

There are other positive aspects. Optimus L7 has NFC technology that uses tag+ system and DLNA Smartphone of LG is also present. Is Internet quick? Yes. Its camera is 5MP. It I not big, but it is enough to take photographs of party or fun poster that you see on your way to the office. Photographs that are touched to focus are not beautiful at the full zooming rate, but to smartphone’s camera, we can completely accept.

Battery is 1,700mAh and it can run in a long time when it is out of battery. I used it more than 1 day when it ran with e-reading application, utility, messenger and normal internet web browser. I should supply that my applications are in 3GB inside store although there is a slot to plug micro SD card if you need more capacity. I appreciate tab downloads that LG added to Android 4.0 configuration. Together with Apps and Widgets, I am allowed to identify every personal application quickly and I can also adjust their positions on main screen. LG is wise in eliminating things that beautify on UI, especially basing on its processor with low technological features. However, maybe, it doesn’t have autocorrect feature.

I am shocked because of the only thing about LG Optimus L7- that is price. Big smartphones’ price is often about $800 and we are used to this thing; however, I am shocked because this smartphone’s price is $499. I think that I hand it stably. According to a recent test of cheap smartphone, we destroyed expectations about how a $400 smartphone looks like. LG can reach to do the similar thing with $500. Long live revolution about cheap price!

With $500, you don’t have to think about it.

With $500, you don’t have to think about it.


·         Price (including VAT): $ 499

·         Website :



·         4.3-inch IPS screen , 800x480 pixels with Gorilla Glass

·         It runs Android 4.0, only with some applications that are developed by LG.

·         Processor is rather good, but it can run well.



·         Processor has features about technology that are lower than the rest, but they are rather good with price $500.

·         Ratings: 3.5/5

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