Nokia Lumia 920 - Windows Phone 8 And Magic Camera (Part 3)

5/21/2013 9:53:26 AM


Lumia 920’s screen comes with so many new stuffs from Nokia that they have to write a white paper introducing specifically what is going on behind that curved glass – we linked to it at the end of this review. The 4.5 inch IPS 1280x768 enhanced screen is named PureMotion HD+, and whereas the 332ppi, which means Windows Phone 8, looks livelier and performs images excellently, the new technology also improves the transition response of the screen. While other typical IPS LCD screens have the average level transition responses of 23ms, Lumia 920 wins this battle with the average time of 9ms. Can you point out the difference in real life? We recognized the blur reduction when poking the UI or moving the camera around. It is not sure that the Lumia 920 would attract attentions immediately from the smartphone fresh-users, but we cannot blame Nokia for trying to push the envelope.

Manipulation on Lumia 920 with gloves

Manipulation on Lumia 920 with gloves

On the contrary, the outdoor performance of Lumia 920 is really worth the price. While Lumia 900 performs so well outdoors, the next Windows Phone 8 models is increased in contrast, brightness and color composition, which means that images and websites would become considerably clear and beautiful meanwhile, games and apps would be much easier to identified under intense light. The ambient light sensor has also been enhanced, and we recognize that the screen not only adjusts faster under the change of light but also improves the color composition and contrast considerably to support viewing depending on the environment that we are in. While November is not the best time to check phone’s screen under the full sunlight, we did not encounter any problem with the outdoor screen or under the harsh spotlight. However, these winter months seemed to be ideal to view the Synaptics-powered capacitive screen with gloves and the phone also performed well when it was first introduced. The surface of the screen accepts even nails and some pens – which we were not hesitate to test with when the screen was under the protection of the Gorilla Glass coat.


We will leave Windows Phone 8’s better details to our in-depth review, but it should be pointed out how WP8 works on the new Lumia. Live Tiles can help you customizing something to play with right after opened and we still have new feelings, although they are a little different from what we are familiar with Windows Phone 7. Talking about some of the familiar software highlight, Nokia Maps is an excellent application and the free turn-by-turn navigation is so admirable. Internet Explorer 10 is also quite fast, and looks better on the quick-response PureDisplay screen of the Lumia 920.

Live Tiles’ settings are easy to understand and adjust as everything is well and logically organized. However, there are still many problem; the long refresh time for social apps like Twitter and Facebook, light Google integration (which is admittedly better than what Microsoft offered in the past), and the conflict hole in choosing applications. While Microsoft quickly claims that they are catching up, the new version (at the time we write this review) is lack of Spotify, which was available in Windows Phone 7, whereas things like Dropbox, Instagram and Flipboards are still absent.

The browser interface

The browser interface

The gaming selection, regardless of Xbox live, can be messed up with many old games and does not give mobile gamers enough to pull them away from the high delights of iOS and Android. The My Xbox Live application is replaced by Xbox SmartGlass, handing you another way to interact with your console. The full version requires Xbox Live subscriptions (and a wide and strong enough bandwidth), and getting rid of some touchscreen manipulation with controller buttons with a content browser. The integrated SmartGlass content is linked with a specific icon, although unfortunately, not all (especially Xbox Video) are directly transmitted.

We can connect to Netflix, but this requires subscription. The content seems not to be added fully – maybe there will be more content when the device is officially launched. While the keyboard is available when you browse via phone, some of Xbox UI’s components still require typing through UI and the controller. We want to see deeper integration (maybe in games) when using Window Phones as Microsoft continues to implement additional features because at the moment, there is nothing much for us to do here. We will stick to the controller.

Xbox interface

Xbox interface

While our complaints about the ecosystems still remain, Nokia keeps provides its own “hero” apps, and even improves some of them in the process. Nokia Music continues to extent their library regardless of the obvious competition. The application itself owns Dolby audio supporter and a 7-channel built-in equalizer, while the gig finder feature is now connected with location data to come up with the search results. The application will even spin out navigation results and the ticket purchasing ability for your chosen program as long as they are available. While anyone who signs up to Spotify (or Pandora) maybe ignores this feature, Mix Radio still offers many free music for transferring and downloading, with the ability to create any offline playlist anywhere.

Unsurprisingly, Nokia includes many photography apps and additional camera, from the enhanced practical City Lens, whose capability is more than just leading us to the nearest coffee shop or a bar across London, to GIF creation feature of Cinemagraph. However, the last application does not seem to be ready to use widely. After filming a short video, you can choose some areas of the picture to continue animating, while the rest are paused. After that, this file can be share like a GIF file – well, at least through a upload to SkyDrive

We cannot make our animated images sent via email, Twitter or Facebook without letting the file automatically compressed into JPEG. Finally, the SkyDrive option gives you the animation, even the chance to interfere in your blog, but it turns out to be a convoluted workflow for what should have been a small interesting addition. You will also need a SkyDrive account just to look over the uploaded pictures. Yes, the cloud storage of Microsoft, when installed in Windows Phone 8, is somehow not visual, especially when talking about transferring pre-existing images to our phone. We recognized that both web and mobile sides to the cloud storage system are unclear and truly disappointing.

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