Plantronics Voyager Legend

11/15/2012 5:35:38 PM

With his hands in his pockets, Michael Fereday has been testing a hands-free communication device

Description: Plantronics Voyager Legend
Plantronics Voyager Legend


Price: $145.5

Manufacturer: Plantronics


Required spec: N/A

Positioned at the high end of its Bluetooth headset range, Plantronics has released the Voyager Legend. This is a lightweight one-piece headset constructed mainly from soft touch material, especially for those areas that come into contact with the skin. The Voyager Legend allows you to adjust the ear-loop and boom microphone elements so that the headset can be worn on either ear.

As part of the standard package you get three silicone ear-tips of varying sizes - one is already attached - and two foam covers. You also get a magnetic docking unit, car cigarette lighter adapter and a USB lead for charging the headset in different locations. Along with a small Get Started booklet, Plantronics has included a ten-character code allowing you access to a one-year free subscription to its Vocalyst voice and text service - more on this a little later.

Located on the ear-loop you will find the power switch and volume control, plus the contact strips for charging the device. The boom microphone features three mics that combine to help distinguish and isolate your voice from any extraneous interference that may be around. There's also a button that can switch between mute and play/pause, depending whether you're in a call or listening to streaming audio.

Description: Plantronics Voyager Legend

The Voyager Legend comes partially charged, so the unit can be put to immediate use by switching on the device. At this point, the headset will automatically be in pairing mode, with voice announcements leading you through the process of linking to an iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone handset. Later, you can set up a Bluetooth link to a second handset by following the instructions in the Get Started booklet. The Voyager Legend will identify these handsets as Phone One and Phone Two when it announces an incoming call, so you will know which phone is being used.

As well as announcing incoming calls, which can be accepted or rejected by a voice command, the Voyager Legend can also deliver other data. It can glean information from the handset's phone book to announce the caller's name. It will also keep you up to date as to which handsets are available when you switch the headset on, plus the amount of talk time currently available.

As mentioned earlier, this headset comes with a one-year free subscription to Plantronics’s Vocalist service. You will need to activate this feature by accessing the relevant website, entering the relevant code and some personal details such as handset type and number, Plantronics device, email address and a password. Various services are available by dialing a provided number and then speaking the appropriate command. These services include receiving weather reports for a designated location, hearing news reports and having your emails read back to you. I did encounter one or two problems in getting the Vocalist service to understand my commands. For example, it confused my request to hear my emails with delivering a news report. This is not a feature I would use regularly.

Description: Plantronics Voyager Legend

Far more useful from my point of view was the Smart Sensor technology built into the headset. Among its features was the ability to automatically switch a call between the headset and handset depending on whether the headset was being worn or not.

With a full charge you should get up to seven hours of talk time and 11 hours on standby, which should be plenty for even the most garrulous among us.

“A comfortable headset with additional features that could prove useful”


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