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11/19/2012 9:05:06 AM

Free software is great, and the best of the bunch is Freemake, as we explain

The developers at are pretty funky bunch. Not only does Freemake have a great looking site, with a heady mix of cool, colorful icons but it also provides an almost obscene amount of free software, which is actually the most useful of its kind to be found anywhere.

Description: Description: Description: Freemake Video Converter

According to the About Us on the site, Freemake is an online, privately owned project run by Ellora Assets Corporation. It consists of teams working in the USA and Russia who aim to achieve the altruistic goal of providing free alternatives to paid software and, let’s face it, we all like free software. However, it has to be said, just because it software is free it is by no means lacking in development or quality – quite the opposite in fact. Freemake has created a suite of software that’s worthy of a hefty price, yet it offers it to us without gain. Richard Stallman would be proud.

Therefore, in honor of Freemake and its catalogue of cool creations, we give thanks by offering our tricks, tips and tweaks for one of its most popular downloads: Freemake Video Converter.

Getting started

First, head too and hit the big green download button to kick off the 1.2MB download. Once that’s down, execute and choose your language setup followed by either the full installation or custom, which includes plugins for Firefox and Chrome. After that, the installer will communicate with the Freemake servers and download the remaining 16MB or so of the application and finish off the installation.

Convert to Blu-ray

To many, Blu-ray is the epitome of all things visual and cinematic and, in truth, watching the latest blockbuster on your far-too-large LED screen, in the comfort of your own home, at the best possible visual quality is rather nice. So to convert your video to the maximum of resolutions and burn it to a Blu-ray, do the following:

·         Click on the ‘+ Video’ icon in the top left of the main screen

·         Choose a video, be it AVI, MP4, MKV or whatever

·         Click on the right-arrow in the bottom right of the screen, to scroll along the choices until you reach the ‘to Blu-ray’ button, and click it.

·         This next pop-up menu automatically provides a Blu-ray title, menu type and the destination (usually your Blu-ray writer).

·         Choose to either burn to the optical drive, or provide an .iso or blank folder

·         Select either the 25GB standard Blu-ray disk, or the more beefy 50GB double layer, and when you’re ready, click on ‘Burn’ to start the process

Be aware, though, that if the quality of the video isn’t too great to start with, there’s very little you can do further improve it – Freemake is good, but it’s not able to upscale a 40-year old wedding video into something that’s going to be seen at your local cinema

Burn up to 20 hours of video to one DVD

Incredible as it may sound, yes Freemake Video Converter can do such a thing. Of course, the quality of each of the videos being burnt to a single DVD is drastically reduced according to the amount you add.

·         Click on the ‘+ Video’ icon, and add up to 20 hours’ worth of video from any source.

·         On the bottom horizontally sliding menu, locate ‘to DVD’ and click the icon

·         Enter a title for the DVD and choose a DVD menu type

·         Choose your destination, either an optical drive .iso, or folder.

·         Select the DVD type: mini, standard, or double layer.

·         Click ‘Burn’ to start the process

Description: Description: Description: The many supported formats of Freemake Video Converter

The many supported formats of Freemake Video Converter

Description: Description: Description: Snip, copy, paste and preview your video with the built-in video editing feature

Snip, copy, paste and preview your video with the built-in video editing feature

Convert a DVD/ Blu-ray with the correct language track

When making a backup of our precious purchased DVDs or Blu-rays, we often find ourselves watching it later in German, Mandarin or some other language other than English or your native tongue, due to the fact that most disks now contain multiple language tracks encoded into the various layers. Not a problem if you speak those languages, but something of an annoyance if you don’t.

·         Insert the disc and click on the ‘+ DVD’ or ‘+ Video’ icons

·         Click the edit mode icon to the far right of the highlighted video

·         Play the video in question, and make sure it’s in the correct language

·         Exit from the editor and convert

Upload to YouTube

Uploading the video of you singing along to AC/DC onto YouTube is frightfully easy with Freemake Video Converter. Simply do the following:

·         Add the video via the ‘+ Video’ button

·         Scroll along the options along the bottom of the main screen until you come to ‘to YouTube’, and click on it.

·         Enter your YouTube account details and tick to remember the password or mark as private.

·         Finally, click on ‘Upload’ and the video evidence of you doing something extremely embarrassing will be available for the entire world to see in a matter of minutes.

The upload service will even split the file into fifteen minute chunks, and insert them into on YouTube playlist

Convert online videos

Sometimes we see a great public domain video online, and we want to view it when offline. Not a problem; just do either of the following:

·         Locate the URL of the online video in question and copy it.

·         In Freemake Video Converter, click on the ‘Paste URL’ icon, along the top row

·         Freemake will automatically locate the video and add it to the main playlist window

·         Choose one of the many conversions ‘to’, and click ‘Convert’

·         Alternatively, load up the site containing the video and click on the Freemake icon in either Firefox or Chrome.

·         The video will be added to the playlist, ready for you to convert to another format.

Naturally, please make sure you’re not in breach of any copyright when doing this. For a list of the most popular supported sites, check the boxout

Join multiple files

Often, you have many video clips or audio samples that could do with being converted and combined into a single file. Again, this is an easy task for Freemake Video Converter.

·         Add the videos, or audio files via the ‘+ Video’ or ‘+ Audio’ icons

·         Click to highlight the first file, and click on the ‘Join Files’ switch to ‘on’ in the top right of the screen.

·         The files will now be joined, and you can choose a transition from fade to off.

·         Choose which conversion from the list at the bottom of the screen, and convert

Simultaneous conversions

Provided you have enough resources available on your PC, then you can convert a number of videos or audio files at once by simply opening multiple instances of Freemake Video Converter. Be careful, though, even with our test machine, a core i5, with an SSD and 8GB RAM the PC was being hammered with four different video conversions taking place. Still, it’s a good idea for completing a job-lot conversion during the wee hours.

Get converting

Freemake Video Converter is great, and can convert anything, from anything, to anything including conversion of 3:4 to 16:9 widescreen formats. There is really so much more you can do than we can possibly cover here, so get hold of FVC, and enjoy.

Supported sites

Apparently, there are over 10,000 websites supported by Freemake Video Converter. Obviously, naming them all would be impossible in this format, but here are some of the more popular:

·         YouTube

·         Facebook

·         Flickr

·         Vkontakte

·         Break

·         LiveLeak

·         MyVideo

·         NicoVideo

·         Photobucket

·         Vimeo

·         Megavideo

·         Dailymotion

There are also a number of adult sites, which is perfectly fine (each to their own), but since this is a family magazine, we’ll not mention them here.

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