Latest Gadgets, Gizmos And Geek Toys – November 2012

11/24/2012 6:20:40 PM

1.    Bluetooth headset – BEEWi BBH120

If often seems as though headphone cords have a mind of their own, which is hell-bent on getting as tangled as possible. Thankfully, fixing that is easy, thanks to Bluetooth headsets such as the BBH120. The cans are lightweight and solidly built, and sit on your ears rather than around them, meaning that they’re compact. Connection to our test phone was quick and faultless, although the audio was quite bass-heavy; a niggle when listening to orchestral music, but forgivable when listening to electronic music or distorted guitars. The BBH120 also loses a point because the LED on the left ear cup flashes when in use. It’s pointless for the wearer and distracting for those around. Otherwise, this is a good headset for the money.

Description: Bluetooth headset BEEWi BBH120

Bluetooth headset BEEWi BBH120

Price: $85.5


2.    MP3 Player – Cowon iAudio X916GB

Smartphones haven’t quite killed off MP3 players yet, with sticklers listing battery life and storage issues as reason to stick with a good old-fashioned MP3 player. The Cowon iAudio X9 excels in terms of the former, as its claimed battery life of 110 hours for music playback (13 hours for video) means it can easily run for a week without needing extra juice. The sound quality on offer is excellent too, thanks to the infinitely tweakable JetEffect5 engine. Video performance is less pleasing, unfortunately, with a lackluster screen resolution of 480 x 272; there’s no support for MPEG4 video either. With video off the table, and a comparatively meager capacity of 16GB, the X9 is too large and expensive to be attractive.

Description: Cowon iAudio X916GB

Cowon iAudio X916GB

Price: $240.9


3.    Board Game – Kingdom Builder

Complex systems can evolve from surprisingly simple rules, and fantastically. The rule book is nothing more than three sheets of A4 paper, and the gist can be essentially boiled down into one simple statement pieces must be placed adjacent if possible. From this simplicity springs tactical depth, and the scoring system means that you only find out who wins at the end of the game, keeping the atmosphere tense. The variable win conditions and customizable board play their part too, making sure every game is different, and the simple rules mean it’s easy to pick up. Sod Monopoly, play Kingdom Builder with the family this Christmas.

Description: Board Game – Kingdom Builder

Board Game – Kingdom Builder

Price: $56.5


4.    Toy lamp – Tetris Light

If you ever need to distract an office of tech journalists, it seems that you can’t do better than a set Tetris lights. Few people were able to walk past without having a fiddle with the colorful blocks, with most reacting with delight as the tetrominoes lit up or turned off as they were added or removed from the stack. They’re certainly fun, but many people also remarked that the blocks felt disappointingly cheap and plasticky. The light that the set emits also has a noticeable flicker to it, meaning that any room lit by the lamp will resemble some sort of rave. They aren’t perfect, but for $48.5, they’re a fun coffee-able distraction.

Description: Tetris Light

Tetris Light

Price: $48.5


5.    External Storage – Lacie Little Big disk thunderbolt 240GB

With a theoretical bandwidth of up to 10GB/sec, you’ll need some seriously quick external storage to get the best out of Intel’s new Thunderbolt connection. Luckily, LaCie is doing its best to oblige with the Little Big Disk 240GB, which plays home to a pair of 120GB Intel 320-series SSDs preconfigured in a RAID 0 array. This generated some truly quick transfer speeds, with the disk delivering read and write speeds of 550MB/sex and 218MB/sex respectively in our large file test. You pay for the privilege, of course (in fact, the price is borderline lunacy), but if you positively must have the quickest external storage device out there, this is the fastest we’ve seen.

Description: Lacie Little Big disk thunderbolt 240GB

Lacie Little Big disk thunderbolt 240GB

Price: $840.5


6.    Performance nutrition – Gamer grub

Tired of having to eat inconveniently shaped food while gaming? Greasy fingers ruining your k/d ratio? Help could be at hand in the shape of gamer Grub. Package in convenient ‘tear-n-tilt’ bags and boasting a suspicious-sounding ‘proprietary cognitive blend’ that apparently contains neurotransmitters, Gamer Grub claims to keep your fingers free from grease and your mind quick and focused. We don’t have the resources to test the latter claim, but we will say that the PB&J flavor we tried received a decidedly lukewarm reception thanks to the excessively artificial taste of the peanut butter chips and the blandness of the sweet bread flakes. Only the most culinarily challenged need apply.

Description: Gamer grub

Gamer grub

Price: $16


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