Grado GR10 In-Ear Headphones Review

6/21/2013 9:12:57 AM

Grado GR10’s appearance, in fact, is not really prominent, but it is the sound that create the headphone’s caste. The product shows a neat pass sound, high dynamics, wide and accurate soundstage.

Grado is famous for their full-size or big-size supra-autral headphones, however, to respond to a big section of users who love convenience or need to move allot, this American audio manufacturer added to their product list compact in-ear headphones.

Grado GR10  in-ear headphone

Grado GR10  in-ear headphone

Although until now, Grado only own a “collection” of 3 in-ear headphones: iGi, GR8 and GR10, but they are all remarkable products in specific segment. The Grado GR10, whereby, is the most high-end, most expensive and also possesses the best ability to perform sound.

The headphone is now distributed in Vietnam with the official price of $417.6.


Anyone who once owns GR8, the first in-ear heaphone of Grado, is no stranger to the appearance of GR10, only change in color. Retaining compact, gentle and solid, GR10 focuses on the simplicity and applicability in practice, rather than colorful decoration.

Grado GR10 with compact earbud design

Grado GR10 with compact earbud design

This is reflected from the small, compact, dark box and coming with not too many accessories except for 2 pairs of foam tips and a few alternative ear wax-proof clothes without carrying case, no aeroplane adaptor and no 3.5mm to 6.5mm adaptor. This can cause a bit of “inadequacy” for those spent more than $400 to buy a high-end headphone like GR10

However, in return, users will soon recognize the manufacturer’s intention to emphasize sophistication, simplicity and to focus in sound – the most important factor, to create the value of a headphone.

Compared to its predecessor, GR10 is equipped with better materials and components, whereby, expands the frequency range from 20HZ to 20 kHz. Besides, according to the manufacturer, sound details are also shown clearly, especially in super high and super bass.

Inside, GR10 uses a driver dynamic only with a wide frequancy range

Inside, GR10 uses a driver dynamic only with a wide frequency range

About the internal structure, compared to the same headset segment of Shure or Westone, GR10 uses a driver dynamic only with a wide frequency range instead of combining various drivers for each different frequency bands. The advantage of this technology is there is no latency between drivers, the negative factors significantly affect to the quality of output sound.

The GR10 is quite good at noise immunity thanks to the compact earbud fitted in the helix. In addition, the foam tips also help listening to music in a long period of time using GR10 cause no discomfort or significant pressure.


GR10 inherrits characteristics of sound from Grado

GR10 inherits characteristics of sound from Grado

GR10 comes from a famous manufacturer with “kool” full-size headphones that possess consolidated bass sound; the dynamics range is also an emphasis with the ability to “suffer” tracks with frantic sound beats that still shows accurate and full details. Therefore, it is not strange if GR10 still inherits these characteristics of sound of Grado.

As predicted, after a long enough burn-in time, the headset is immediately incorporated into the bass test with the famous record of Pink - Just Give Me A Reason. From the outset, the vibrant chorus, the bass sound has been shown powerfully, neat and full of detail, a surprising thing to an in-ear headphone like GR10. Continue listening, beside the bass sound, the climax orchestral violin is also performed well. The piano sound is not overwhelmed to disappear but still exists in parallel, clearly throughout the song.

The next test is with Red Hot in album The Violin Player of Vanessa Mae. This is a vibrant record with frantic rhythms, and is also a test with a fairly fit dynamics range. The GR10 began with no difficulty, accuracy and the level of detail of the beats from fast to super-fast still kept integrity. However, when it came to the climax, the handset showed a little “faltered” to a few syllables in comparison with other “kool” headphones of Grado. This is quite understandable as GR10 is still an in-ear headphone that focuses mainly on moving objects.

Grado GR10 in-ear headphones and accessories

Grado GR10 in-ear headphones and accessories

When giving the GR10 an opportunity to present with classical music, the headset also showed a wide soundstage that could hardly see in an in-ear headphone. With La Primavera – Allegro, in Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, which was performed by Londoner symphony orchestra, GR10 make you feel like you were listening to a supra-aural headphone, or even a full-size headphone in an open space. The listeners are not difficult to imagine a real orchestra performing in front of them with a clear depth and laterally. With airy soundstage, GR10 is one of the most remarkable headphones for devotees of classical music who move allot but still want to enjoy quality music.

Technical specs


·         Type: In-ear headphone

·         Connector type: Standard mini 1/8’’ plug (gold over brass)

·         Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

·         Sensitivity: 116 dB/1mw

·         Impedance: 32 Ohms

·         Maximum Input Power: 20 mW

·         Cable Length: 51’’ (oxygen-free copper wire)



·         3 pair ear tips (small, medium, large)

·         4 Ear wax proff cloths

·         2 Ear wax proff cloth rings


Price and weight

·         Price: $399

·         Weight: 9 grams


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