101 Recommended Apps (Part 7)

7/6/2013 3:25:34 PM

39.  Llama

Price: Free

Llama uses mobile masts to determine your location instead of GPS, so battery life isn’t affected, and it’s immensely configurable. Set your locations - such as work, home, the pub - then assign actions to those locations. Turn off your ringer at work and switch to silent? Done. Want your phone to ring (or not) when family and friends call? Done. Auto-sync over home Wi-Fi automatically? Done.



Essentially, it makes a million daily tasks disappear, and means that your phone is often doing exactly what you want, when you want it, without having to remember to do anything manually.

It’s one of those apps that you wonder what you did without it. And for free it’s a complete winner.

40.  Job Search app

Price: Free

Whether you are getting itchy feet in your current role, or simply want to keep a close eye on the market, Job Search aims to keep you abreast of all the latest work opportunities.

Powered by, this relatively straightforward job search engine enables you to hunt for vacancies by type, location or a combination of both.

Generating results from well- known recruitment companies such as, and the likes of and Guardian Jobs, you can then follow an external link to begin applying for the position. Alternatively, you can choose to save the job and return to review it later.

The search can also be widened to countries as far away as Dubai and Singapore, and there is also the option to sign up to receive email job alerts.

There are plenty of things to love about this app. Search results are quick, which makes up for the sometimes slow loading of external pages when you select to ‘View & Reply’. However, features such as updating previous searches with the latest jobs each time you return to the app, and the ability to look at jobs abroad, make this the perfect app to help you find your new career.

41.  Tuneln Radio Pro

Price: Free

Tuneln Radio Pro

Tuneln Radio Pro

Tuneln Radio enables you to instantly access over 30,000 radio stations from across the globe, including thousands of AM/FM local stations. If you were thinking of investing in a new internet or DAB radio, you might want to think again, because this app turns your smartphone into the ultimate digital radio.

There is an almost unimaginable amount of music, information and entertainment available to you via this app. It is hard to imagine any music fan, news junkie or sports nut who would not be able to find a bunch of new stations that would suit their tastes and predilections with Tuneln Radio. The only real problem is filtering down the massive amount of choice on offer to something that is manageable and understandable.

Tuneln Radio lets you save your favorites and also lets you surf the web from within the app, both of which help to make it the best radio app on Google Play right now. You can easily search for stations via genre, keyword, location or language, all of which helps to whittle it down to what you like.

42.  Google Maps 5

Price: Free

Google Maps 5

Google Maps 5

Google Maps for Android has finally been given the update it deserves, offering up offline viewing and 3D visualization.

We’ve been waiting a long time for Google to sort out its Maps for Android. Not that there was anything wrong with the app - but the promise of 3D views and offline modes made the current iteration look rather bland. Lucky, then, that Google’s added sparkle doesn’t disappoint.

It’s the 3D maps that’s the killer here. Viewing some of the major cities in the world on your smartphone and in 3D is more than impressive. Well, it would be if London was one of the cities chosen to be emulated in 3D. Instead in the UK we get a virtual representation of Birmingham, and there’s Dublin for the Irish contingent.

While we can only guess how cool a vectored Hyde Park is, it was oddly compelling viewing Brum in this way.

Using finger gestures (not those kinds) you can tilt, rotate and zoom through the 3D map.

The offline mode is a bit of a lifesaver; the caching of content isn’t for everywhere but it’s useful when you are in a town that has been given the offline treatment.

Given the fancy new graphics, you would expect some lag using the app but there really isn’t. Some fancy behind-the-scenes tech means that the maps are faster than before.

To use the spangly new features, you need to have Android 2.0 or above.

43.  Green Eggs and Ham

Price: $3.65

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham is another spectacular digital adaptation of a Dr. Seuss classic book. The interactive book is a smashing tool for parents helping their children to learn to read.

There’s professional narration, with the words highlighted as they’re read, allowing kids to read along as Sam-I- am uses rhymes to convince his pal that eating green eggs and ham is a good idea.

The words are accompanied by moving original illustrations and background audio, but perhaps the most useful elements are the interactive images, which allow children to touch an object or a person in the story and the word is spoken by the narrator and flashes up on screen.

For younger kids, the app plays like a movie in the read-to-me mode, which will keep them entertained until they’re ready to have a crack at it themselves.

44.  Pulse

Price: Free

RSS feeds are now sexy and cool with the advent of the Pulse news reading app.

RSS feeds are now sexy and cool with the advent of the Pulse news reading app.

Reading RSS feeds on your phone has become a whole lot easier, with the introduction of the official Google Reader app. But what Reader doesn’t bring is, well, sex appeal.

Pulse is Google Reader slathered in Sex Panther and injected with the libido of Hugh Hefner. It’s an app that begs you to cheat on Google, offering a quick way to import Google Reader RSS feeds.

It teases you into submission by showing off your favorite websites in such a coherent way. Once you import your feeds, they appear in rows. In each row is a thumbnail story that you can click and get a nicely reformatted page of the article.

Pulse is one of the best looking and easiest news reading apps to use on Google Play - you’ll wonder how you lived without it for so long.

45.  Instagram

Price: Free

The amazing Instagram turns a run-of-the-mill snap into a work of art

The amazing Instagram turns a run-of-the-mill snap into a work of art

While there’s a ton of camera apps that add an old-school twist to photographs on Google Play, none does the job better than Instagram.

Interestingly, Instagram is meant to also be a social network, where Instagramers can show off photos to one another but this aspect doesn’t really work and you can opt out if you want to - although this is set to change with the Facebook acquisition. What does work are the filters that can be added to a photo after it’s taken. And you can also add them to pics that you took well before you put the app on to your Android phone.

Once you have added a filter - there are 18 available - you have the choice of uploading the image to a number of social networks.

The app makes taking pictures easy and no matter how bad an image is, there always seems to be one filter that will perk it up, which is great considering the app is free.

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