BMW 1 Series M Coupé - Global Hyper Colour (Part 2)

8/8/2014 9:11:06 PM

BMW 1M Rear

BMW 1M Rear


With all primary and secondary catalytic converters removed from the exhaust system to decrease back pressure and weight (it is almost 9kg lighter), this race setup is only legal on closed tracks. It has required the programming of a piggyback ECU – in this case a Macht Schnell product – to recalibrate the binary codes and prevent warning lights illuminating the instrument panel. In order to maintain a degree of stealth when using the car on the road, Jason has also installed Akrapovic’s clever wireless kit. This electronic device activates a baffle within the system, allowing the car to cruise along producing deep but hushed tones. Deactivate the baffle and the full aural effect is unleashed through unrestricted airflow although with two turbos muffling the explosive roar of combustion the actual 83dB volume is not ridiculous.

Jason’s 1M shows equal attention to the opposite end of the air-handling process, where induced atmosphere is first treated to a shielded ride through aFe Power’s all-new Stage 2 intake system. An improvement on the company’s previous intake, the new Stage 2 system only draws cool air from the front of the car and seals the filter element itself within a heat-resistant case. It’s a wise addition, given that the air box is located in a claustrophobic position between the top of the engine and the thick layer of soundproofing under the bonnet.

After filtration, a frenzied whipping from the compressor side of the turbos and further chilling through the OEM intercooler, charged air is fired into the engine through an Evolution Racewerks diverter valve charge pipe. This hidden gem was developed through ER’s Time Attack racing programme and not only straightens the route but also deletes the diverter valve sound baffle, both of which create turbulence and unnecessarily hinders airflow velocity.


Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System with wireless control has been installed to boost up the 1M’s roar

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System with wireless control has been installed to boost up the 1M’s roar


The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted early on that the wheels in these images do not match those mentioned in the main text. That’s because the customized BBS RI-D one-piece forged alloys are Jason’s latest and favourite addition, a recommendation from many members of the M Owners’ Club Indonesia. As the flagship wheel of the BBS Individual brand, the RI-D is graceful in design and incredibly light thanks to its use of a special 7000-series alloy that has a yield strength similar to certain steels. Custom painted in Hyper blue and specified in staggered 9x19” (ET22) front and 10x19” (ET25) rear proportions, the wheels weigh just 7.4kg and 7.7kg respectively.

Despite the circuit-derived suspension and F1 wheel construction, Jason has no plans to track his car or fit a big brake kit to fill those Y-shaped spokes; he’s delighted with the overall aesthetic and the Teutonic attention to detail evident in every car emerging from BMW’s M department. But if he could be drawn on one particular area of improvement for the future it would be the fitment of a pair of BMW Performance front seats. While youth is traditionally a fickle time in anybody’s life, Jason has shown remarkable maturity in his growing passion for the brand and sympathetic choice of components on such a sought-after vehicle.


Being so light and strong (it is forged out of Duralumin A7000 material, instead of aluminium that other forged wheels are made out of)

Being so light and strong (it is forged out of Duralumin A7000 material, instead of aluminium that other forged wheels are made out of)


With rarity on its side in terms of production numbers and its use of a good old straight-six engine, it would make sense for Jason to keep the 1M into old age. But as somebody who’s already shown a flair for colour, we can’t help thinking that another example in vibrant Valencia orange might be a possibility.



Engine & Transmission:

·         3.0-litre straight-six N54B30, aFe Power Stage 2 cold air intake system, ER diverter valve charge pipe, Akrapovic stainless steel downpipes, Akrapovic Evolution Line titanium exhaust system with quad titanium tailpipes, Akrapovic wireless kit, Macht Schnell ECU chip, standard six-speed manual gearbox


·         9x19” (front) and 10x19” (rear) BBS RI-D one-piece forged alloys custom-painted Hyper blue with 245/35 (front) and 265/35 (rear) Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres, BBS red centre caps, 5mm Macht Schnell rear spacers, KW Variant 3 coilovers, CPM lower reinforcement panels


·         iND gloss black kidney grilles, iND gloss black side markers, BMW Performance carbon fibre rear spoiler with Hyper blue CRT accent, BMW Performance carbon fibre door mirrors with Hyper blue stripe, Lux H8 V4 adjustable angel eye headlights


·         Standard


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