iTunes Match Q&A - Too much songs,Playlist sync

4/21/2012 3:56:31 PM

We tell you the truth about iTunes Match

iTunes Match service of Apple can match the songs in your iTunes library with the songs on the list of Apple's 120 million songs, and lets you upload the songs it can not find (there are 25 thousand posts do not need to buy), then access these songs via iTunes or your iOS device whenever you want. With the songs it finds fit, you can download a copy to replace your poor compressed MP3 file a decade ago. It sounds simple, but we have received dozens of questions. Here are answers to some questions.

Too much songs

I have over 25 thousand songs accumulated many years from the iTunes store, CD compression and other sources. How can I prevent some of the songs do not match up to allow other songs sync without removing redundant songs from my library? Many singers are in the full list of records and I do not need all of them are synchronized.

25 thousand songs limit is enforced seriously: if your library reaches that level, you can not register iTunes Match. You can, but are sifted, plus a few songs in the service - we discuss to do this on the opposite page. Another way is selecting the specific songs and change the Media Kind (storage form) of them to Voice Memo. iTunes Match will see the songs are not eligible.

Perhaps the best solution is to create a second library just for iTunes Match. Or bring your iTunes Match library on the second computer. We hope in future, Apple will add a tag to allow you to exclude some special files from this service.

Playlist sync

If I sign up for iTunes Match, whether my playlist is available on the Mac or other IOS devices as my home computer, or just see a list of all the songs?  


Description: iTunes Match synces and displayes your playlists on any computer!

iTunes Match synces and displayes your playlists on any computer!


iTunes Match synces and displayes your playlists on any computer! IOS devices (total 10 devices) allow you to enable iTunes Match. However, if you have playlists containing podcast, video or music video, they will not sync. However, all music playlists just have music will be synchronized.

Matching problem

I realize there are many songs on iTunes library were sold on the iTunes Store, but still be uploaded. Some have different titles, and I changed my title. I tried updating iTunes Match, but I have similar number of uploaded songs.

Match iTunes does not consider the title of your music files. For example, you can call all of David Bowie Heroes is Four Score and Seven Years Ago Match and iTunes will skip the headlines and only consider the music, creating an audio fingerprint to compare it with the list of it. So even if you change the title of the song, this will not affect whether or not they match. If you match the song title wrong, iTunes will not fix them for you.

iTunes Match không xem xét tiêu đề trong các file nhạc của bạn. Ví dụ, bạn có thể gọi bài Heroes của David Bowie là Four Score và Seven Year Ago và iTunes Match sẽ bỏ qua tiêu đề và chỉ xem xét nhạc, tạo ra một dấu vân tay âm thanh mà nó dùng để so sánh với danh mục của nó. Vì thế cho dù bạn thay đổi tiêu đề của bài hát, điều này sẽ không ảnh hưởng đến việc chúng có khớp hay không. Nếu bạn so khớp những bài hát có tiêu đề sai, iTunes sẽ không sửa chúng cho bạn.

Loss of lossless?

I spent a lot of time to add the CDs into iTunes library in WAV or Apple Lossless format. Will I lose this quality level?

Yes and no, iTunes Match will not change the songs in your library unless you choose to replace them. If a lossless song is matched and you delete the main file, the version that you download again from iTunes will be 256kbps. If you download this song to another computer or IOS device, it will be similar 256kbps. The lossless audio files that do not match and are uploaded will be transcoded to 256kbps ACC file, but it does not affect the original file. In most cases, 256kbps AAC files are good for mobile devices, but you may want to use iTunes library on your Mac when you listen through the stereo system.

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