a-Jays Four - Sartorial design

4/21/2012 3:50:12 PM

a-Jays Four headphones prices $75 designed target to iPhone. We have a 35mm in length remote control, which repeat style of Apple smartphone and allow iPhone users to answer, make ​​or cancel calls. But are they just have style without substance?

The answer is no. They provide good sound quality and benefit from a flat cable, rarely confused. Although the cable is 5mm thick on the stand headset, a-Jays Four is not an ideal choice for anyone who wants headsets mixed in an unobtrusive way.

We have five different pairs of silicone ear insert, size is from XXS to L to ensure you fit it. Jays said they are “fully washable” - we only dare to wipe them with a wet towel, and it is not affected at all.

We find a-Jays Four offers good quality sound, with excellent bass even at high volume. However, there is a little sound leak at highest volume.

Description: Description: a-Jays Four - Sartorial design

The flat cable earbuds repeat iPhone 4 style

3-button remote control provides the ability to pause, play and jump forward and jump back, as a built-in microphone to make calls or use the voice recognition on iPhone 4S. Remote control responds well to the lightest touch and be easy to use, while the microphone recorded our voices when we speak in a normal volume. However, we find the remote control is set a little near the surface, away from the right earbud 140mm, and we must continue to touch on the cheek. We like it is arranged lower.

We have examined white a-Jays Four (also black) and they get dirty faster than darker colors, although this is not just a-Jays Four gets this problem and it is an inherent disadvantage of owning white headphones. Headphones are also very strong, and we see them face well with rough handling.

a-Jays Four headphones provide good quality sound with reasonable price. We think the design of the remote control is a plus if you own iPhone 4 or 4S, and flat cables, no confused – is easy to remove even though it was tied back - is one of the biggest advantages of this headset.


Likes: flat and not confused wire; iPhone style; extremely practical remote control

Dislikes: the remote control is too close to the surface; leak noise

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