Essential Wedding Kit (Part 1) - Your basic kit

7/1/2012 11:31:08 AM

It's gruelling work capturing the magic of a couple's special day - we bring you the must-have gear to make the job easier.

Resilience is the name of the wedding photographer’s game. It's no easy task to take responsibility for capturing every tender moment of a couple’s special day in the knowledge that each second only happens once and, besides the posed portraits, there's no going back to redo a shot that’s been missed. Emotional days by nature, weddings have the added pressure of being one of the rare occasions when extended family gather at one location. As a photographer your job extends beyond the anonymous face behind the lens and challenges on the day can include working around divorced parents, keeping a nervy bride relaxed and happy and hunting down family and friends for the formal shots. Matched with this comes the photographic challenges of battling low light or full sun and getting the best angles and opportunities to shoot as the day progresses. Being fully prepared is just as important as having all the right equipment. Planning for every possible scenario is the best way from stopping anything going majorly wrong. It's vital to have a backup of everything on the day as there won't be a chance to call in any other equipment in case of a sudden and unexpected failure. Working to a shot list will give you direction for the day and can focus you if you find yourself getting into a flap. It's also a good way of visualising your equipment in action and anticipating the various different camera settings you'll be using as you shoot throughout the day.

Description: Essential wedding kit

Have a plane

Description: Have a plane

Think about how the location will lend itself to your couple shots

Couple time

Arrange a time in the day to take the couple away from the guests for some shots. After the wedding breakfast is often a good time

Your basic kit

You’ll be at the mercy of your gear throughout the wedding, so getting the basics right is vital.

Description: the wedding photography kitbag

you should think carefully about your choice before you buy

A reliable camera is the cornerstone of the wedding photography kitbag and you should think carefully about your choice before you buy. As a rule, wedding photographers have more than one camera body to hand to increase shooting options and also as a contingency plan if the unthinkable happens to the first. Of equal importance is the lens and memory card that you match your camera with. Always assume that lighting conditions will be tricky, whether it's low indoor light or pesky shadows caused by midday shooting. Whatever’s in your bag. be sure that you know your equipment inside out – with the pace and pressure of shooting on the day, there will be no room for hesitation.

Wedding dos and don’ts


·         Start with a clear idea of what the couple expects before the day.

·         Check church regulations on photography before the ceremony,

·         Prepare a list of relatives for formal portraits beforehand and recruit a bridesmaid/groomsman to help round them up.

·         Use zoom lenses to capture natural interactions without intruding or breaking up the moment.

·         Be polite and cheerful throughout the wedding day


·         Leave anything to chance - pack a backup to the backup, just in case,

·         Panic if something goes wrong, approach potential disasters calmly and resolve it as fast as you can.

·         Accept a drink until your job is done even if you get the offer to join i n.

·         Miss the small moments. Keep a shot list with you but also have your eyes open for unexpected scenes that may make lovely images.

·         Forget to stay hydrated and focused throughout the day.

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