Hot Five Digital Devices - August 2012

8/27/2012 12:47:01 AM

1.    Google Nexus 7

We do think you’re ready for this jelly

Price: From $249

For a company at the heart of the fastest – moving industry on the planet, Google has shown incredible patience in releasing a table. Like a crafty python it’s lain in wait, allowing the oblivious wildebeest of the Android herd to prototype and market – test the most popular tablet from factors, price range and specs. And now it’s pounced, launching a gleaming new version of Android – 4.1 Jelly Bean – in a 7in tablet that trounces its rivals and with a price that doesn’t seem real: these days $249 will just about cover a small tub of popcorn in a cinema. The idea of a quad-core table with toys such as NFC that offers superb gaming and several life times’ worth of books, movies and apps for that little beggars belief.


Google Nexus 7

As hot as… jelly beans under the grill

On the horizon Android slates heading our way

Now: Asus transformer infinity

Scheduled to hit shelves this month, the latest in Asus’ keyboard-tastic Transformer line has a quad-core Tegra 3 brain and 1920 x 1200 screen. It’ll ship with only Android 4.0 though

Soon: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The Transformer Infinity is the typing-tablet of choice, but if you’re an arty type, this 10in, stylus-toting Note was made for drawing. It too will run Android 4.0 on a quad-core cogitator.

Later: Samsung Galazy Note 2

The first 5.3in Note was released to cries of ‘Samsung, you crazy’ (well, kind of), but after its runaway success, the prospect of a Jelly Bean-toting sequel sounds tempting.

Way off: HTC ????

HTC’s Flyer may have crashed and burned, but HTC has claimed its tablet division will rise from the flames. It’s also said it’ll wait until HTC has something unique to offer the market – so don’t hold your breath.

2.    Vauzhall Adam

Smartphone-brained supermini

Price: From $ 17,105 (+ $ 466.5 for touchscreen)


Vauzhall Adam

Meet Adam. He’s cosmopolitan, stylish, and intelligent. Sure, he may be a little dinky, but the urban environment fits him like a glove. He may also have crazy ideas – an inside roof peppered with LED ‘stars’, for one – but he does have one bit of incredibly sensible design. Instead of a bespoke Navitainment system that would have nothing on Android or iOS, Adam’s 7in touch screen mirrors your own smartphone, making the most of its multicore chip, 3G connection and nav software. Every time Google Maps in updated, your in-car sat-nav is updated too – genius.

As hot as… Morticia Addams wearing black on a warm day

3.    Samsung EX2F

F/1.4? Right back aperture

Price: $ 669

Description: Samsung EX2F

Samsung EX2F

When you seem someone you fancy, you pupils dilate slightly. You can’t help it; it’s just your eyes drinking in the sight of them (you say, smoothly). Samsung’s new 12MP snapper obviously has the hots for someone, as its lens dilates to a max aperture of f/1.4 – great for low-light snapping and seductive blurry backgrounds. Built-in Wi-Fi makes it easy to backup snaps, or upload evidence of successful dates to Facebook, but you shouldn’t try to get off with it. That’ll ruin the optics.

As hot as… the testing rooms at Aperture Science

4.    Onkyo TX-NR5010

The first 11.4 sound system

Price: $ 4,665

Description: Onkyo TX-NR5010

Onkyo TX-NR5010

Readers write to us, asking how to get home cinemas that deliver dazzling sound without giving their cable-hating other halves cause to complain. Here’s how: tell them daily that you love them. Then buy this AV receiver, which will upscale 1080p video to 4K and is the first with DTS Neo: X tech, which can create 11.4 surround sounds from almost any signal. Get nine speakers and four subs, plug it all in, and crank up the sound. Yes, they’ll whinge as they trip over cables – but you won’t be able to hear them

As hot as… swimming 11.4k in a dry-suit full of mustard

5.    Denon AH-NCW500

Pump up the Volvo-Ume

Price: $ 622


Denon AH-NCW500

All too often when a gadget factures tries to make products ‘retro’ they end up looking like Sputnik satellites with a sideline in Panini-making. But Denon has crafted a pair of high-end, noise-cancelling headphones that hark back to the true golden age of transport – Dad’s car, c.1987. With a look that’s part BoomBox, part Volvo 340, these 40mm-driver, Bluetooth 3.0 babies are built for comfort, have a ‘control wheel’ on the side for playback, volume and talk control, and boast sound-deadening tech to silence annoying aircraft noise – or annoying kids begging for a toilet break. Now for some Phil Collins…

As hot as… driving a Ford Capri with Jenny Agutter

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