Powered By Windows (Part 2) - Toshiba Satellite U840 Series, Philips E248C3 MODA Lightframe Monitor & HP Envy Spectre 14

5/11/2012 5:49:03 PM
USB-powered Display

First unveiled at CES this year, AOC has extended their line of USB-powered monitors to 22 inches with the AOC e2251Fwu monitor. It boasts a LED backlit display and receives both power and signal through a USB connection. Hooking up multiple displays with the e2251Fwu is a plug-and-play affair, and your limit is basically dependant on how many USB ports you have on your computer. The monitor also boasts support for full HD (1920x1080) resolutions and has a refresh rate of 5ms, and 20,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It also has a USB 2.0 that can be used for daisy-chaining other e2251Fwu monitors, or to hook up a USB drive to the computer. Not only that, the monitor can also double as a presentation screen or a photo frame.

AOC e2251Fwu

Price: TBA

Description: AOC e2251Fwu

Power Budget

If the recent launch of AMD's new graphics cards, the HD7970 and the HD7950 are a bit out of your league, fret not: GIGABYTE has recently launched the new HD7700 series cards which are marketed towards those who are looking for an upgrade, but at a budget. The new HD7770 and HD7750 cards are both dual slot and single slot GPUs, which 26nm processors based on AMD's Cap Verde chipsets, ensuring that the GPU performs well, uses less power and stays cool at the same time. A big plus the GIGABYTE HD7770 has above the other OEMs is that the card is overclocked to 1100MHz from its stock value. Both cards are also equipped with a 10cm fan to provide gamers and overclockers with a reliable and stable environment. Not only is the fan large, it's also silent as it runs from 27.1dbA to 28dbA at full load.

GIGABYTE AMD Radeon HD7700 (GV-R7770C-1GD)

Price: TBA

Description: GIGABYTE AMD Radeon HD7700 (GV-R7770C-1GD)



Olympus has been one of the few companies that has innovated the camera industry in ways that few know how. Not resting on their laurels after successful runs with their PEN-series cameras, the company has again revolutionised the industry with the new OM-D EM-5 mirrorless micro four-thirds camera. Featuring an EVF (electronic viewfinder) with a 1.44 million dot LCD and 1.15x maximum magnification, the new OM-D also features a new EVF system that allows users to easily access features such as white balance, ISO settings, exposure and aspect ratio all through the viewfinder. Users can also select from a wide array of M-Zuiko lenses for sharp, clear captures with the 16MP Live MOS image sensor coupled with Olympus' widely touted Fast AF system, which is widely regarded as the fastest AF system in the world.

Olympus OM-D EM-5 Micro Four Thirds Camera

Price: TBA

Description: Olympus OM-D EM-5 Micro Four Thirds Camera

From USB to HDMI

Sunix VGA2788 Super-Speed USB 3.0 graphics adapter provides a unique solution to add extra displays to a computer without using traditional graphics card. Users can instantly mirror or extend a desktop onto a computer with just the device, creating another display via the standard HDMI connection. Display options such as CRT and LCD monitors and projectors and plasma displays can also be hooked up to the computer with the VGA2278 graphics adapter. It is compliant with HDMI 1.2, users can use up to four adapters to connect four displays to the computer as well.

HP Envy Spectre 14

Price: $1,600

Ultrabooks are generally defined as ultraportable notebooks powered by Intel's Second Generation Core i-series processors, typically ranging from 11-inch to 14-inches in display size. Well, you can now throw that definition out of the window as HP has redefined the term with their show-stopping HP ENVY 14 Spectre Ultrabook. What makes it so radically different from other Ultrabooks is how premium the Spectre looks. Clad in scratch-resistant glass both inside and out, it also incorporates HP's much lauded Radiance display for the best resolution and richest colour for better brightness and wider viewing angles. It also has a NFC tech called HP Touch that allows sharing of data between the notebook and select NFC-enabled smartphones and notebooks.

Description: HP ENVY 14 Spectre


One Sound To Rule Them All

Focal is a brand that audiophiles should be somewhat familiar with. Typically known for their line of premium speakers and home theater system options, the French audio systems maker is now attempting to make its mark in the headphones segment with the launch of the Focal Spirit One headphones. Using their expertise in creating audio products, Focal has combined both performance and comfort in the Spirit One headphones. The earpads are designed as such that while the ears are covered, the lobes won't be heated up by the pads. The nylon cable sleeve also acts as an anti tangle mechanism so that you don't waste time untangling the cables when you take it out of your bag. Speaking of which, as the Spirit One is also a pair of portable headphones, it is also foldable, which makes storing them a much simpler affair.

Focal Spirit One

Price: $425

Description: Focal Spirit One


Smart Display

PC monitors are often depicted as rectangular display units that serve little purpose other than to output visuals from the CPU. Despite having to look at it all day, very little has been done in the way of aesthetics for the monitors, until today that is. If you're looking for a bit of style to go with substance. Philips new MODA Lightframe monitor might just be the display you're looking for. The monitor is LED backlit, with brightness levels of up to 300 nits and dynamic contrast of 20,000,000:1. The MODA Lightframe monitor's design include a two-tone glossy finish and an aluminium die-cast base to ensure that the monitor has a sturdy stand to support the lithe display unit.

Philips E248C3 MODA Lightframe Monitor

Price: $699

Description: Philips E248C3 MODA Lightframe Monitor

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