AC-1 Ammoclip for Xbox 360 - Keep Shooting!

9/17/2012 9:41:52 PM

Small, effective, cough... just the way we like it.

Innovative ideas are things that are, sadly, not as common as we would like them to be. See, every now and then a new idea comes along, which gets everyone all excited. And then the idea is rehashed and minimally reworked, resulting in a truck-load of similar products that vary only in brand name and overall design. And if there is one area in which this idea is prevalent, it is in the field of video gaming peripherals.

Description: AC-1 Ammoclip for Xbox 360

AC-1 Ammoclip for Xbox 360

Then again, it is entirely possible to take an existing idea and approach it in an original way; innovation doesn’t necessarily mean coming up with all-new concepts. And that is where Gioteck do really well. This peripheral manufacturer is coming up with really fresh approaches to existing ideas, providing consumers with something that - while not necessarily absolutely new -is more often than not funky and fresh.

Their AC-1 Ammoclip for Xbox 360 is such an item. Sure, there are tons of controller charging docks out there, but the ideas behind this particular one are rather unique. See instead of being a fancy, decorative plastic stand that you park in a permanent position near your Xbox, the Ammoclip is completely portable. And safely portable, too, thanks to some really smart design ideas.

At first glance, you may well be forgiven for thinking that the Ammoclip is a slightly oversized metal DVD of game box. But the chunky, durable plastic hinge will soon give you a clue that this is not, in fact, a cool way to transport disks. It is a very well built and designed charger for two Xbox 360 controllers.

The only downside to this device is that it does not come with rechargeable batteries. That said, it works with pretty much any Xbox 360 battery of this nature, and we should all be using those by now... so there really isn’t a problem there.

Inside the metal case are two contoured plastic surfaces, designed to add stability when the controllers are plugged in. In the centre is a black plastic column, with interfaces for plugging the controllers in to.

The whole affair takes up very little space (particularly when closed) and the controllers are held snugly in position while charging. The Ammoclip might not be quite as handy as a magnetic induction charging system, but it comes really close.

Power is supplied to the unit via a USB cable (which plugs into the Xbox). The other end of this cable has a proprietary plug, which interfaces with the Ammoclip itself. The unusual configuration of this cable means that you won’t want to lose it, because replacing it may be tricky. Dual LEDs indicate charge status.

If you’re after a quick and convenient Xbox charging system, look no further.

Description: Gioteck Xbox 360 AC-1 DualFuel Ammo Clip Premium

Gioteck Xbox 360 AC-1 DualFuel Ammo Clip Premium

At a glance

Summary: A compact tough and very portable recharging system for two Xbox 360 controllers.

Tech Specs: Portable, Metal casing,  Charges two,  controllers, USB powered

Manufacturer: Gioteck

Distributer: Apex Interactive


RRP:   R299.95

Pros: Very portable. Tough! Holds controllers snugly

Cons: Rechargeable batteries not

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