The Hot Five Stuffs For October 2012 : Sony Xperia T, BMW C Evolution, Philips FWP3200 Mini Hi-Fi, Oculus Rift VR Headset, Lego 4x4 Crawler

10/12/2012 3:36:53 AM

1.    Sony Xperia T

For your ears only

Price: TBA


We’re not allowed to tell you whose phone this is, or which film he’ll be using it in. we’ll just say that he likes his Martinis badly made and of all the gadgets he’s been given over the years, this surely beats beats the inflatable ski jacket. Oh, but we can tell you that it has a 4.6in Reality Display, a 1.5Ghz dual-core processor and a SMERSHing 13MP camera that shoots beautiful 1080p video – handy for capturing secret documents and so on. But we’re definitely not allowed to tell you any more… or we’d have to kill you.

As hot as… a moon base full of attractive women and no radiation shielding

Description: Sony Xperia T

Sony Xperia T


Whenever you see one of these QR codes, use a smartphone app (such as QR Reader for iOS or Google Goggles for Android) to scan it. You’ll be whisked to a website without a moment’s fiddly URL-typing

Boxing clever

Get a T by the end of 2012 and you’ll get 50GB of cloud-based storage from Box. With 16GB of onboard memory and a microSD slot for adding more, you’ll have more space than the Tarids

The Exmor you know

The 13P Exmor R sensor is back-illuminated for better low light skills. With noise reduction tech and magic such as HDR and Sweep Panoramas, it should take on compact cams with ease.

Jelly belly ache

As with previous Xperia, Sony is determinedly shipping the T with an out-of-date version of Android: Ice Cream Sandwich rather than Jelly Bean. Still, it’ll be nicely skinned. *Seethe*

2.    BMW C Evolution

Sparky super scooter

Price: TBA


Electric vehicles are no longer just for people with crazy hair who bang on about gigawatts. Still, it’s early days so you might feel safer going with a big name for your first planet-saving bike. Enter BMW’s C Evolution, based on existing BMW maxi-scooters, but with 650ccpetrol engines switched for a 46bhp electric motor that hits 74mph and batteries with a 60-mile range and a three-hour charge time. It’s due late 2013 and won’t be cheap – a $16k – plus price tagis mooted – but should appeal to sensible and mad barnets alike.

As hot as… a DeLorean at 88mph

Description: BMW C Evolution

BMW C Evolution

3.    Philips FWP3200 Mini Hi-Fi

Block-Rockin’ Beatbox

Price: $477


Trouble getting the party started? You’re not getting any younger, so maybe you need some kind of hoopla-helper – a disco device, a knees-up-mother-browner, a carousal-arouser – like this compact Philips sound-pounder. At 300W, this machine is loud, and that’s before activating the distortion-free Max Sound feature. Its twin iPod docks on turntables aren’t for scratching (though you can pretend), but crossfade between them and let the dynamic lighting flash with the beat, and everyone will think Tiesto just showed up

As hot as… spiking the party punch with powdered Viagra

Description: Philips FWP3200 Mini Hi-Fi

Philips FWP3200 Mini Hi-Fi

4.    Oculus Rift VR Headset

Crowdfunded life-dodger

Price: TBA


Gaming is all about total immersion. It’s about ignoring fleshspace events (spouse leaving; bailiffs arriving) and focusing on the quest. Sure, it’s hard to concentrate with so many real-world distractions around, but Kickstarter project Oculus Rift could fix that. It’s the first truly feasible VR headset, with lag-free 3D motion-tracking and a 1100 field of view that renders the action frameless. Interest from Doom-smiths id Software and Gears of War guys Epic means prospects look good. Just don’t forget to pay your electricity bill…

As hot as… the Tomytronic 3DSky Attack

Description: Oculus Rift VR Headset

Oculus Rift VR Headset

5.    Lego 4x4 Crawler

Sports youbuildity vehicle

Price: $222.5


When we were a lad*, Lego was something you bought in bin bags at car boot sales. You could use it to build a house or a small wall or – if you had some spare rubber bands – a catapult. Then Lego Technic arrived, and you could make a mini tractor. But these days you can take a few Lego blocks and turn them into a proper, radio-controlled, four-wheel-drive monster truck. It’s basically just a matter of time before you can use Lego to construct artificial hearts, sentient robot or – if you have some spare rubber bands – a full-size car boot from which to sell bin bags of Lego

As hot as… freshly baked bricks, mmmmm

Description: Lego 4x4 Crawler

Lego 4x4 Crawler

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