Amiga – Mixing It Up

9/14/2012 9:12:02 PM

Sven Harvey makes an overdue visit to AmigaRemix

The first piece of music I shall make you aware of is a very unusual one. 'Dweller' has created a piece of music called 'Memories of a Turbo Challenge'. Essentially it's a piano arrangement of Barry Leitch's theme from the Lotus Turbo Challenge game (one of the most remixed pieces of Amiga music ever). Now, to be honest, it's a bit pedestrian for me, and I actually strained to try to hear the melody from the original theme tune. However, it's a very different approach and should probably be listened through at least once!

Description: Project X

Project X

However, rebalancing the Lotus remixes comes the ever reliable 'daXX' with an electric guitar-based remix of the theme from Lotus 3. This very up-tempo track is a brilliant rearrangement, which puts more meat on the original track's bones, as it were, and the tune really suits the chosen instruments. However, the music is further embellished for the good with the addition of, admittedly, rather electronically processed vocals that add that extra key element. Definitely the (daX)X factor in this case, making Lotus 3 Metalmachine daXX RMX a must-have download.

Another slightly off-the-wall track uploaded earlier this year is from a Remixer going by the name 'ThreszheR'. This is a new arrangement of the loading music from the 1990 Elvira game. Going by the title 'Elvira Loader Darkstyle' it's a very atmospheric piece of music, and though I have to admit to not being familiar with the original by Dave Hasler, I suspect this is a rather authentic update and clean-up rather than anything too revolutionary, as it still feels like a classic piece of loading music in that it appears to be building anticipation to the main title screen - shame we don't get it!



Totally out of wacky land, however, is the remix of 'The Great Bath' from Turrican 2, which remixer 'Mordi' has called 'the Seven Seas remix'. To be honest, it starts off sounding like it’s a remix from Pirates! more than anything else. The instrumentation stays very reminiscent of the Sid Meier classic (on the CD32 especially) but the theme tune from that water level of the game soon thumps through.

Of course, you can never get away with an Amiga Remix update with only one Turrican track, and 'MelodiousRefractions' has brought us 'The Desert Rocks Remix' from the first level of Turrican 2. Very reminiscent of the original music, the track succeeds brilliantly in instilling a feeling of nostalgia in the listener for the original game, but it feels like it could have been so much more. A missed opportunity perhaps?

My favourite track from this update of Amiga Remix is from arranger Andrea Milana. Allister Brimble's original theme from Project-X was a little tame in the mixing department, as was the remix Allister did himself for his first CD release. A remix that was only available on audio tape originally put some oomph back in (and it's on Amiga Remix with an upload date of 5th April 2007) and since then remixes of the music have been generally richer in sound.

Andreas 'Xplod remix' approaches the track from a slightly different angle, with the intro rearrangement very much influenced by dance music in clubs over the last ten to 15 years. The slow Introduction of the melodic elements do draw out the intro to the track, but in this case that is by no means a bad thing and enhances the feel of the track. A must- have in my opinion, so go get it downloaded!

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