Canon EOS 6D - Affordable Full-Frame DSLR (Part 2)

5/25/2013 9:06:21 AM

Underneath that is a controlling dial with an inner pad and the accurate center Set button as on the 60D. The outer Quick Control dial button is preferentially used for light compensation and there’s a lock button below, positioned comfortably for the right thumb to stop the accidentally working devices. The 8-side multi-control dial is used for menu navigating and in some cases, used with the Quick Control dial. Finally, near the support, next to the dial lock button is the erase button.

On the right of 6D is a single SD slot, compatible with SD, HC and XC which includes UHS-1. This is something surprised if you think 6D should, as the other full-frame DSLRs that provide dual slot. Therefore, Canon has been damaged for the benefit of being compact and affordable, as for me, it’s a right choice. For the professional photographers and the ones having money to choose an extra slot with big capacity, back up or convenience when filming on a slot and the stills on another one isn’t luxurious or wasting, but for an enthusiast who moves to the full-frame camera for the first time, I expect them to be happy without doing such. As said, if they prefer Nikon D600 with the SD slot, sometimes they don’t have to do so.

On the right of 6D is a single SD slot

On the right of 6D is a single SD slot

On the left side of the body, there are 2 soft-plastic covers with the length of ¾. Under the front side, you will see a remote socket in addition to a 3.5mm input for the external micro. Despite of that, there is no headphone jack to monitor the sound when recording movies, so its’ the zone that Nikon D600 gets score against EOS 6D.

The rear edge protects the mini HDMI and the A/V / USB ports. Above them is a small triangle-shaped metal grille that reveals the place of the speaker. The USB port of 6D, as of D600 is a USB 2 one, not a standard USB 3 available on D800. An in a step up that will make the Canon cinematographers jealous, the HDMI port of D600, as of D800, will also output an unclear compressed signal, allowing you to connect to a larger and more detailed screen, or catch the transit with a higher-quality outer recorder. Interestingly, at the time of writing this article, Canon announces a software update for EOS 5D Mark III that also equips it with uncompressed HDMI output, but it’s not until 4.2013; anyhow, don’t mention about the EOS 6D upgrade with the same function.

On the base, the rack pad is placed on the lens axis with a bumping grille to offers a good grip for the quickly-removable panel. And on the right side is a door under the grille that allow approaching the battery compartment.

EOS 6D also has the ion Lithium LP-E6 battery pack as EOS 5D Mark III, 60D and 7D, so no matter you upgrade from one of the higher-end APS-C bodies or look for a 5D Mark III body you will also be able to use the battery that you’ve already had. Under normal thermal condition, (according to Canon opinion it’s a quite soothing 23oC) you will get 1090 photo when the battery is full, which can be compared to 900 photos of 600D.

EOS 6D also has the ion Lithium LP-E6 battery

EOS 6D also has the ion Lithium LP-E6 battery

Those who are looking for longer battery life have the options to adjust the BG-E13 battery slot which allows making a second LP-E6 battery, which entails doubling the number of photos to more than 2,000. The slot also provides control for easy-handling in navigating portrait shot as well as the option of using AA battery, which may be a rescue if you’re prepared with a 4-battery box and the camera bag for emergency case, or being closed to a newspaper booth or a supermarket.

As all full frame DSLRs of Canon, 6D lacks a built-in flash. The forthcoming desire of Canon to make 6D compelling to upgraders in contrast with its attempt-to-be-compact, can lose both. The lack of an auto flash in my opinion is an indisputable disadvantage, given that it’s something that you can count on Nikon. The available flash of D600 may have no gigantic power, it can add size and weight of the camera and make it less crude, but it’s extremely useful for replacing and wireless-activating of other part that is off the camera. While you can see the argument Canon about not including a flash onto the full frame body previously, I’m definitely not sure if it’s effective for the 6D. Though it lacks a built-in flash, 6D of course has an ISO-standard hotshoe that you can put an external flash part on.

Screen and viewfinder

EOS 6D has 3in screen with the resolution of 1040 pixels. The screen is 3:2 proportioned, which means that the entire area for composing and review the stills with the black bar on the top and bottom only when you switch to 16:9 filming mode. As all full frame Canon models, the screen of 6D is fixed, if you’re planning to upgrade from a 60D you will have to learn how to live without a rotating screen and if you’re waiting for a backup body for 5D Mark III, you have to be familiar with a smaller frame border. The articulation suffers more loss than reducing the size of the frame border, but according to the compromise in price and weight advantage 6D offers, I think it makes a wise one.

EOS 6D screen

EOS 6D screen

The LCD screen of D600 is also fixed, though at 3.2 inches, as of 5D Mark III, it’s a bit bigger. However, the screen of D600 has the proportion of 4:3 and the 3:2 natural image area is on the top with the black info strip below, so actually there’s an image area that is a little smaller than the large screen having the proportion of 3:2 on EOS 6D.

When using, the screen is bright and attractive with wide viewing angle. This is a situation, where screen with the articulation become easy to use, but almost everyone surely seems to take photos with the viewfinder rather than the screen, so it’s actually a problem for the filmmaker rather than the stills photographers.

The EOS 6D viewfinder offers only 97% of visibility, which is unusual for a modern full frame body, EOS 5D Mark III and Nikon D600 (and D800) all provide 100% coverage. As said, the small perimeter that makes you unable to see can’s create big differences in size and brightness when compared to Nikon D600, I find out that the Canon viewfinder has bigger edge and is a little brighter, but this difference is not enough to ensure choosing this one instead of the other.

EOS 6D viewfinder

EOS 6D viewfinder

The viewfinder screen of EOS 6D is etched with the 11 AF areas that will flash in red when they’re enabled. Unlike Nikon D600 or EOS 5D Mark III, there’s no LCD grid overlay on-demand and the 6D see the comeback to the interchangeable focusing screen   of 5D Mark II. It’s a step back in some aspects, especially when the grid overlay is considered as a condition for a portrait and landscape photographer-oriented camera. As said, with only 11 AF areas and a circle at the center, the provided screen is respectively uncluttered, the screen is not expensive and packing them is a simple process.

Battery level, exposure info, exposure compensation, ISO settings and dumping capacity are displayed under the viewing area and a green point lights to confirm AF lock.

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