Canon EOS 6D - Affordable Full-Frame DSLR (Part 9)

5/25/2013 9:06:58 AM

Final verdict

Canon EOS 6D is a well-designed full-frame digital SLR and has the ability to provide a clear update options for those who want to leave an APS-C model to a full-frame DSLR. It combines the excellent image quality with amazingly high ISO noise efficiency, having an AF system which operates at lowlight and adding built-in GPS and Wi-Fi functions in a solid body, moisture and dust-resistant, lighter and neater than many others full frame bodies.

Canon EOS 6D is a well-designed full-frame digital SLR.

Canon EOS 6D is a well-designed full-frame digital SLR.

It has light weight, which is considered important in the designed line to attract current APS-C-body owner, but the compromise to make it compact and affordable will surely disappoint some. The function as a viewfinder with 100% coverage and double card slot are almost removed as advanced on a full frame body. Otherwise, a lot of upgraders will find it difficult to go with a shortage of a built-in flash and a swivel screen.

Despite having those weaknesses, 6D is a solid, reliable and affordable full frame DSLR that is ideally suitable for the type of photographers that Canon has fixed for it. For travel, landscape and portrait, and that covers extremely wide, 6D is a good performer and highly recommended.

Good points

·         Solid, dust-and-moisture-resistant body

·         Pre-integrated Wi-Fi and GPS

·         High image quality with low noise

·         AF is effective in extremely low ligh

·         Shooting 4.5fps continuously for JPEG is only limited by the memory

Solid, dust-and-moisture-resistant body

Solid, dust-and-moisture-resistant body

Weak points

·         Single SD card slot

·         Lack built-in flash

·         97% viewfinder coverage

·         Less equivalent AF point and only 1 intersection

·         Lack on demand viewfinder lens overlay

Scores (relative to semiprofessional DSLR 2013)                       

·         Structure quality: 17/20

·         Image quality: 18/20

·         Usability: 17/20

·         Technical specs: 16/20

·         Value: 17/20

·         Total: 17/20

Technical specs

Camera type

·         Camera type: AF / AE digital camera, single lens contrast

·         Recording means: SD card ,SDHC*, SDXC* (* compatible with UHS-I)

·         Size of the image sensors: about 35.8 x 23.9mm

·         Compatible lens: the EF lenses of Canon (except for the EF-S and EF-M lenses)

·         Lens tripod: EF tripod of Canon

Image sensor

·         Type: CMOS sensors

·         Effective pixels: about 20.20 megapixels

·         Frame rate 3:2

·         Dust deletion feature: automatically, manually, clean the dust adhering on the data.  

Recording system:

·         Recording format: rules designed for the 2.0 camera file system

·         Type of image: JPEG, RAW (14-bit original version of Canon) can write RAW + JPEG at the same time

Processing images when shooting

·         Type of image: auto shot, standard, portrait, landscape, neutral, retain, monochrome, users Def. 1 - 3

·         White balance: auto, pre-installed, custom (daylight, shade, cloudy, Tungsten light, White fluorescent light, Flash) color temperature setting (approx. 2,500 – 10,000K), white balance editing and bracketing. *able to move the flash color temperature info

·         Noise reduction: able to apply for long exposures and high-speed ISO shooting

·         Auto brightness adjustment: automatically optimizing light source

·         Bright-tone priority: yes

·         Adjusting the light at the lens periphery: periphery light editing, editing aberration


·         Type: pentaprism having eye peace  

·         Coverage: horizontally/ vertically about 97% (with about 21mm eye peace)

·         Magnification: approximately 0,71x (-1m-1 with 50mm lens at infinity)

·         Eye point: about 21mm (from the center eye-peace lens at -1m-1)

·         Dioptric Adjustment Correction: about -3.0 - +1.0m-1 (dpt)

·         Focusing screen: available Eg-A II, chargeable

·         Electronic meter: horizontal: 1° tolerance, ±9° * only in the process of shooting horizontally

·         Mirror: quick-return type

·         Depth-of-field preview feature: yes

Focal-auto measurement

·         Type: TTL secondary image-registration, phase detection

·         AF points:11 AF points; center area: horizontal AF at the level of f/5.6; center area: vertical AF sensitivity at f/2.8

·         Metering range: EV -3 – 18 (at AF center point [sensitivity to f/2.8 and f/5.6], room temperature, ISO 100)

·         Focusing operation: AF shoot a photo, AI Servo AF, AI Focus AF, manual focusing (MF)

·         AI Servo AF features: sensitivity tracking, acceleration following, deceleration

·         AF fine adjustment: AF micro point adjustment (all lenses have the same value or adjust to the lenses)

·         AF-assist beam: lit by external Speedlite made for EOS

Multi exposure

·         Number of exposure: 2 to 9 images

·         Multi exposure adjustment: additional, average


·         Type of shutter: focal-plane shutter electronically-controlled

·         Shutter speed 1/4,000 second to 30 second, flash, flash syncing at 1/180 second.


·         Recording format: MOV

·         Short film: MPEG-4 AVC / H.264

·         Sound : Linear PCM

·         Compression method IPB, ALL-I (I-only)

LCD screen  

·         Type of screen: TFT liquid-crystal monitor

·         Screen size: about 7.7cm wide (3.0-in.) (3:2)

·         Pixel: about 1.04 million pixels

·         Brightness adjustment: with hand (7 levels)

·         Electronic meter : available

·         Interface language: 25

·         Instruction / function support: displayable

LP-E6 battery pack 

·         Type: chargeable lithium-ion battery

·         Voltage: 7,2V DC

·         Battery capacity :1,800mAh

·         Size (W x H x D): approximately 38.4x21.0x56.8 mm / 1.5x0.8x2.2 inches

·         Weight: about 80g / 2.8oz






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