The New Office Eco-System

11/29/2012 3:08:58 PM

Microsoft Office 2013

The last version of Microsoft’s Office suite of productivity tools was several years ago. Now, with Windows getting an overhaul, so too is Office. We got our hands on a Samsung Series 7 Slate with Windows 8, and a preview edition of Office 2013 to see what desk-jockeys and students have to look forward to.

Description:  Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013

1.    New Looks

The new Office suite is integrated into the innovative Start screen (since Microsoft has decided to stop referring to it as Metro), with the different tools being clustered together, making it easily discoverable on the main screen. The interface design concept also carries on the new Windows look as the curved edges of the previous incarnation have been removed and replaced with the angular lines that define Windows 8. A change in colour also makes the new Office look cleaner and fresher

2.    Shades Of The Past

One would have expected that Office 2013 would work like an app but it doesn't. Instead, it's still tied to the traditional desktop window. After all the changes with Internet Explorer, it's good to see that some things never change. Honestly, running in a window works better than running full-screen, especially when dealing with multiple documents. However, it can get confusing when searching for information online (using the app style Internet Explorer) and having to switch between swiping through screens and clicking on windows.

3.    PDF editor? Yes please

This has to be the best addition, and now permanent feature, for Office 2013, ever. Previous versions of Office could output PDF files through a very odd and somewhat counter-intuitive process. With the current Office, this has changed and the nice people at Microsoft have given us full control over the contents of PDF files. This is a nice touch considering the suite extends this option to other Office apps like Excel and Power Point.

4.    Skydrive Backup

There is a big push by Microsoft to get everyone connected onto their ecosystem, and it's no different here. To even use Office 2013, one must have a Windows Live account to log in with. This is to help with the option to save files directly to the cloud. Similar to the options that Apple provides for their iCloud, Skydrive allows Microsoft users constant access to their files from anywhere they are. The plus side is that they aren't tied to a single device as the new Office supports multiple users. There's also a feature that allow users the option to continue reading a document from the last place they left off. This can be done even on a different computer, something great for those of us who have multiple screens and can't remember where we saved anything.

Description: The New Office Eco-System

Microsoft Office 2013

·         V: 9/10

·         F: 10/10

·         P: 10/10

·         D: 9/10

·         U: 10/10

Verdict: Absolutely nothing to complain about.

9.6/10 Score


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