MSI GT70 Notebook - Power Play

12/6/2012 9:18:29 AM

A notebook to put desktops to shame…

The idea of a gaming laptop is not fairly pervasive; a lot of people are using them these days, particularly in areas where LAN culture is still strong. MSI has had their eye on the PC gaming sector of the market for a good long while as evidenced by a number of their higher end motherboards and graphics cards- so it is small wonder that they produce gaming laptops too. In fact, this isn’t the first one we have seen from their stable… but it is the newest one, and it packs a punch that will make some desktop PC users turn a lovely shade of green as their envy gland kicks in.

Description: MSI GT70 Notebook

MSI GT70 Notebook

The MSI GT70 is not exactly a small device. Sure, it’s easier to lug around to LAN parties than a desktop PC, but it isn’t as portable as an Ultrabook. Still, it allows you to game (and do other computer-type stuff) pretty much anywhere, which is a big bonus.

The large size of the laptop extends to the spec list as well. It starts with a 17.3 inch, full HD, non-glare, LED display. There isn’t a single descriptor there that you cannot like. Under the hood, the core of the beast is an i7-3610QM processor, supported by an awesome 12GB of RAM. Sure, 12 is an odd number for RAM, but it’s still a lot. Visuals are courtesy of an Nvidia GeForce GTX 675M chipset, along with a rather chunky 2GB of VRAM. The result is quick, reliable performance.

Further speed is gained with the inclusion of a 128GB SSD. While we’ve mainly seen these devices in Ultrabooks, it is great to see one included here. In addition, 780GB of traditional HDD space adds to storage, providing the user with space just shy of 1TB in total. That’s pretty awesome for a notebook!

Input comes by way of a SteelSeries keyboard and a trapezoidal, left aligned track pad. And because no self-respecting gamer will use a track pad for playing games, the device can be deactivated with a handy button just above it.

Audio is taken care of by a rather nice Dynaudio system, although there are the obligatory audio ports for when the integrated speakers just won’t do the trick. Other ports include surround sound audio outputs, two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports and a multi card reader. Oh, and an optical drive too.

Description: MSI GT70 Notebook

Ther performance of the GT70 is excellent, and it keeps itself cool even under pressure. It isn’t as flashy (read as gaudy) as other gaming notebooks, either, opting for a downplayed visual style that is a bit more elegant.

In almost every way, this notebook is a winner. Power, performance, looks… they’re all there

At a glance:


Power and performance combine in this monster notebook, which is great for all computing purposes particularly gaming.


Tech Specs:

  • I7-36100M CPU
  • 12GB RAM
  • 2GB VRAM
  • GTX675M GPU
  • 128GB SSD
  • 780GB HDD


Manufacturer: MSI

RRP: Approx. $2,754.5

Pros: Fast, Powerful, Good looking

Cons: Bulky, Pricey

Score: 92


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