Group Test: PCs Running Windows 8 (Part 2)

1/26/2013 9:10:42 AM

Infinity Achilles Elite is one of the most expensive desktop in our tests, but it accompanies with an Intel Core i5-3470 3.2GHz which is lightly slower than the opponent Core i5-3570K. Its advantage is purely psychological, allows the system is less than 1000 pounds. Overclocking people: Pay more to buy the 3570K.

Cyberpower Infinity Achilles Elite

Cyberpower Infinity Achilles Elite

CyberPower has turned his attention to the other system components, with some exciting hardware below. 1TB hard drive is supported with the OCZ Agility 60GB SSD drive. It provides a significant performance increase in PCMark 7 tests - despite slower CPU, this is one of the fastest PC checked.

CyberPower selected Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H motherboard, which used chipset of business strategy Intel B75 Express. It provides support for USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps while abandons RAID and SSD-caching features available on the Z77 Express motherboards which are more expensive. It also supports Rapid Start Technology and Intel Small Business Advantage features, such as back up after work.

Smart Connect Technology allows it to track your emails and social networks while the system is asleep, everything was updated PC when you wake in the morning. You can also use the LAN Optimizer program comes to list of the priorities for the different types of network traffic, so the large download will not make slow to down your web browser.

However, it's not entirely about work without entertainment, Infinity Achilles Elite that came with your graphics Vidia GeForce GTX 660 card Palit trademark. It enables CyberPower to play most modern games at a reasonable speed. In fact, it is the fastest graphics card in our tests; it is inferior to PC with graphics card AMD Radeon 7850 can only be explained by the slower processor.

Besides, it also included a Blu-ray drive and a wired keyboard and pretty good mouse. However, you will have to add your own speakers.

Liyama touch screen works well with Windows 8, but the beveled surface and multiple points system 2 limitations prevent it from providing the full Windows 8 touch experience.


§  Price: $1,598 including VAT

§  Supplier:


§  This PC brings wonderful performance despite slightly slower processor capacity. Iiyama touch screen is not an ideal Windows 8 input device, but it may help you in understanding the operating system.

§  Designs: 3.5/5

§  Features: 4.5/5

§  Performance: 4/5

§  Value: 3.5/5

§  Total: 4/5

Eclipse Explorer Touch I5357R785

Explorer Touch is nearly at the top in the group, but it includes a full kit. Although Windows performance providing is the lowest here, it is the best choice for gamers.

Inside is Intel Core i5-3570K which is similar to Arbico, but it has no SSD drive. This thing puts Eclipse on disadvantaged position in the real world as well as in PCMark 7. Adding 60GB SSD OCZ Agility 3 will cost about $70 - a wise upgrade.

Eclipse Explorer Touch I5357R785

Eclipse Explorer Touch I5357R785

Other specifications include 2TB hard drive, a Blu-ray drive and a set of Logitech stereo speakers and one subwoofer. You also have 16GB of RAM; it is more than what you need.

As Arbico, Eclipse is inserted AMD Radeon HD 7850 graphics card, which is faster but so expensive. This version has a slightly faster speed, making it become the best PC for game in our group. We have noted the very good speed of 159fps in Crysis game with Low detail setting, and 108fps in Medium detail.

As CyberPower, Explorer Touch i5257r785 comes with Iiyama 23.6in touch screen with 2-point ability. The screens that are certified running well on Windows 8 are not available to buy, and these screens have hard compromise in support of gestures, including scanning from the edge of the screen.

However, it is still very interesting and convenient when you can select tile from the new Start screen of Windows 8 with one touch. The display also offers two HDMI inputs to connect to a TV, Blu-ray or game console, along with DVI and VGA.

The system is placed in the low-cost chassis known as the "902 Series". It is built on the Asus P8Z77-V LX motherboard with the chipset Intel Z77, which is friendly to overclocking people.

You have the support of USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps as standard, and the motherboard is not miserly about the slot and connector. There are a lot of rooms to expand and upgrade although the chassis is a bit tight and lacks cable management.


§  Price: $1,427, VAT included

§  Supplier:


§  This PC really should include SSD - We strongly recommend that you should add it to specifications although that means you have to cut a half of RAM and storage space to suit with budget. If you already have screen, Arbico provides better value.

§  Designs: 3/5

§  Features: 4/5

§  Performance: 3.5/5

§  Value: 4.5/5

§  Total: 3.5/5

Quiet PC Icepipe A43 Silent PC

As usual, Quiet PC in our group test showed the deviation from the rules completely. For $1,466, it is the most expensive PC here, although this amount can buy you the peace of mind and quiet - This non-fan PC is extremely quiet in operation.

Quiet PC Icepipe A43 Silent PC

Quiet PC Icepipe A43 Silent PC

NoFen CS-60 chassis looks like a military hardware. Front grid Panel allows air circulate throughout the chassis without help from rotate propeller. Inside, Normal CPU cooler and fan have been replaced with one giant heatsink device. Nearly every motherboard components are covered, including at least one expand slot.

NoFen 400W source is also a model without fan and as we expect from Quiet PC, there is no hard drive included as standard - they are too noisy.

Instead, KingSpec Challenger 223GB SSD drive is installed. It has no moving parts and is also very quiet. It has double capacity of the SSD drive at second position, but the system still lacks storage space.

The only component can make noise in this test group is DVD drive. It does not support Blu-ray. Fortunately, it is extremely quiet model.

Using passive cooling means the machine should not be crazy with CPU power, so the Quiet PC selected Intel Core i5-3450S. "S" indicates the energy saving version of the chip which runs at a lower basic speed than standard version. The system runs at 2.8GHz until it needs the whole strength, at that time it increases to 3.5GHz.

This energy-saving chip and the lack of dedicated graphics card allow the system to work with 400W power supply - we measured the power consumption at 24W with idle mode.

Intel integrated graphics chip is good enough for HD multimedia and light gaming, but you should note that the i5-3450S combined HD 2500 processor is slower than the integrated graphics chip and the best chip Intel offers.

Quiet PC includes Zalman 23in screen. It includes two HDMI inputs and VGA analogue, but it is not a touch screen.


§  Price: $1,466, VAT included

§  Supplier:


§  IcePipe A43 ofQuiet PC is unique between the PC here in terms of all selected components run very quiet.  However, it is very expensive, and you will certainly need more storage.

§  Designs: 4.5/5

§  Features: 3.5/5

§  Performance: 3/5

§  Value: 3/5

§  Total: 3.5/5

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