Skype For Windows 8 - A New Way Of Using Skype

2/6/2013 5:28:28 PM

Microsoft processes Skype, so it isn’t surprising that application can find way to Windows Store at the time of releasing Windows 8.

Description: Skype for Windows 8

Skype for Windows 8

We tried to use Skype application on Samsung Series 7 tablet and our main desktop PC, both of which run Windows 8 Pro.

One of the odd things of Windows 8 applications is that they only exist in land that tiled shiny - it is configuration of Modern user. When you are using tablet, this thing isn’t problem because you will spend most of time in that environment (desktop computer’s component of Windows RT equipment such as Microsoft Surface RT that is mainly used for Office). But for desktop computer or laptop, it means that you really need version of desktop computer as well as setting up applications or only using Skype in configuration of Modern user. It’s not sure that you worked later because it means that you cannot use Skype and any other applications of desktop computer at the same time.

Therefore, at least in Windows 8, Skype – like Firefox – becomes game of 2 applications. However, there is a difference. Firefox that is used for Windows 8 is set up like the only application and then it will do other things in each environment. If you install Skype for Windows 8 and original Skype, you will have 2 separated applications: try to find “Skype”, 2 similar symbols will appear. If you are using desktop computer or laptop, mainly in environment of desktop computer, we will suggest you not to worry about Windows 8 Skype application unless you take interest in the following things…

Skype in Windows 8

Potential “killer” aspect of this application is function of Windows 8 split-screen whose name is “snap screen”. It can put windows at one part of screen. With Skype for Windows 8, you can continue Skype call with panel on the right of screen and continue other things in the rest space. For example, you can watch a program on BBC iPlayer while you are chat with your friends about it or make a document together.

The important thing is that besides improving Modern configuration, audio and video call function that is essential is undamaged. According to default, video call occupies the whole screen. You can also have chat part of text on the right. In our tests on all of equipment, quality of image and sound is good – it is similar to Skype version of present Windows.

But that improvement is appropriate to people that use table and admire Modern user configuration. New Skype looks like wonderful. Its design is typical thing of Windows 8: large squares have simple color. Cumbersome symbols are abandoned in the place that you expect, so Skype application is similar to most of Windows 8. It is comfortable to work although you are using touch screen, touchpad or mouse. Of course, if you are using mouse and keyboard, you will use application of desktop computer.

Touch gestures of famous Windows 8 include pulling down from the top of screen to watch recent talks, pulling down and keeping to move and put Skype windows on one side.

New features, bad points

Windows Live Messenger is integrated in this Skype application, and this is the good thing. And application’s code is written according to a way that if it is running and doesn’t do anything, it won’t use any processing strength. That thing is correct: it doesn’t take energy on CPU. This thing becomes standard.

Description: Windows Live Messenger is integrated in this Skype application and this is the good thing.

Windows Live Messenger is integrated in this Skype application and this is the good thing.

There are some small problems: announcements can be useful. If you just completed a talk, definitely, you don’t need to be announced about it again. But it is the thing that takes place when you leave application.

Maybe in attempt about preventing consumption of electricity and CPU, application doesn’t run in background when you are doing other things. When you shift Skype, messages will flock.

It’s disappointed that we cannot find the way to use 2 different logins for Skype if we log out operating system. Of course, you can have many Windows accounts and each of the accounts has separated Skype account.


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·         Skype for Windows 8 increases magnification due to style of Windows 8 that gives wonderful ability of Skype.

·         Putting Skype on the half of screen and using that one for other tasks is a benefit. But people that use desktop computer can feel that having a strong attachment to their present Skype software is the road ahead.

·         Ranking: 4/5


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