Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal - More Controversial Changes Than Expected

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2/14/2013 9:19:58 AM

Not only window 8 has been criticized because users were expected to accept one new interface which is not common and is not appropriate. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Linux transfer interface of the default desktop to Unity, it also caused many loyal customers shunning.

The problems such as the bulky Metro tiles which cannot be avoided in Windows 8, are alike oddly - an interface designed for mobile devices has been inflated large percentage, even on the large more consistent screen, with the type of mouse and keyboard.

Ubuntu's Unity user interface has evolved from Ubuntu Netbook Remix, a different solution to make low-resolution screen of the mini laptops become more useful. But Unity has grown slightly since it became the default interface in version 11.04, to Unity 6.8 in Qauntal version of Quetzal 12.10 this year

We have to find a dictionary to know leaders Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth, who dreamed of this code name, alluding to one of Trogon birds with iridescent blue multicolored plumage and the red below.

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

Trade prospects

Thanks to the regular honing, Unity layout having been made little before is attracting the attention of users. Unfortunately Canonical has just shot himself in the leg with the new version 12.10.

Whenever you use the Unity search bar (part of the overlay Dash appears from the top left corner of the screen) to search for documents on your PC, your query will be sent to the retail giant. Then it provides ambiguous results with the items in its online store.

With Amazon, victory is obvious: it's the opportunity to advertise products to Ubuntu users, and to exploit more valuable user data to expand the customer base. Canonical is an opportunity to earn extra money on the deal, "kickbacks", a way to make money from free software distribution.

With user, productivity is slowed by online data flow waste, privacy rights have been violated by the Unity Broadcasting topic of local search, and distract the attention caused by a thumbnail panel containing retail items rubbish.

While 12.10 is still in beta phase before launch, the outrage from Canonical has forced users to reverse a decision to earn money quickly by providing one switch "off" hidden which will help your computer life free from prying shop owners. You need to look in System Settings, and slide the "Include online search results" button under "When searching in the Dash".

If you leave the box checked, your Dash queries are sent not only to the Amazon, but also to Facebook, Twitter and BBC....

Other features

For users familiar with the technology; there were few changes below. A new Linux kernel 3.5 leads to low-level changes in the file system and metadata handling, but it is less obvious to most normal users. You can also try new UEFI Secure Boot for improved security.

Significantly, graphical interface is smoother, perhaps aided by the move to Mesa 9.0, the software library for 3D OpenGL graphics. We have noticed UI was faster with faster action as minimizing the window, and the transparent overlay was more convincing when Dash was superimposed on the screen background. Even when there was no hardware graphics acceleration, Unity 2D interface felt faster

Small interesting things including utilities to click on the Dash led to the large preview. The particular graphics-rich site can be set as the "webapps". When we log into Google calendar, a small window prompt us to install Google Calendar for more features and faster access. Then one shortcut appears in side dock Launcher, from which we can set up calendar events faster, for example.

Other changes including the renaming Update Manager are Software Updater, available only from the Details area of the System Settings. The social network users can log in via Online Accounts in System Settings.

By default, all local file search shopping results returned from Amazon.

By default, all local file search shopping results returned from Amazon.


·         Price: Free

·         Website:


System Requirements

·         Processor Intel / AMD x86/64

·         768MB of RAM

·         5GB drive capacity

·         Intel/AMD x86/64 processor

·         768MB RAM



·         If you do not like to broadcast all the search terms to the third party's server, you can choose to turn off trade initiatives new Ubuntu mistakes. Then you are left with one free operating system faster, stable and more reliable alternative except Windows.

·         The helpful: 4.5/5

·         Features: 4/5

·         Total: 4/5