Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11

3/26/2012 9:03:13 AM

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11

4 stars

$50 (VAT included)

Five short years ago, when your family videos were recorded on tape, the editing softwares were your vital matter. Once your transfer from tape to PC was done, it would help you to identify the best videos and cut off the rubbish. These nowadays tapeless cameras let you to easily delete the terrible clips, watch your good ones and upload your best clips on YouTube. When YouTube allows the users to cut, stabilize and apply effects for videos after being uploaded, of course there is no encouragement in spending £100 for a video editing software.

Vegas Movie Studio HD 11 plays an important role to those who can’t deal with videos without video editors. Based on our Best Buy award-winning software, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, but it is cheaper with more omitted functions.

Surround sound mixing ability, 3D editing and XDCAM support won’t be remembered by most of the one whose cameras don’t request these functions. DVD and Blu-ray authoring were a weird omission, but this format was recently out of date as well as the uprising of network TV and web-based sharing.

The main editing functions of Movie Studio Platinum are remained integrally, with 10 video tracks and 1080p video support up to 60fps. Its quick control decreases the workload of cutting, arranging the clips, adding text together with applying transitions. Its effect library is outstanding; moreover, it can upload clips straight to YouTube at 1080p.

Show Me How tutorials introduce an overview about the main functions, but they can be deeper with more details. A tutorial shows the place of Project Properties panel but doesn’t demonstrate what the settings mean and how to apply them fitted with your frames. The text overlays are stuck under the Media Generators tab, and templates exporting to iPad are displayed under MainConcept AVC/AAC. Although it doesn’t give the family-oriented feeling as other video editors, but the quickest and easiest for using we have ever seen.

 Anyone who has a serious interest in video should use Movie Studio Platinum, which will set up back about £44 (VAT included) at However, to the normal users, effective control and reasonably cheap price make it your ideal pick.


Comments: The guideline for the main functions should be better but the combination between the outstanding video editing tools and low price makes it a good deal.

Video editing software: Windows XP (SP3)/Vista/7, 2GHz processor (multi-core for HD), 1GB RAM (2GB recommended), 400MB disk capacity for installation.



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