3/26/2012 9:03:22 AM

Freeware: Ubuntu, Serif WebPlus, Sony Vegas Movies

Canonical Ubuntu 11.04

5 stars


With Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal), Canonical changed user interface to create so-called Unity. In stead of the old taskbar, you will find Launcher, which is a clock at the screen’s side. When you run an app, there is a white arrow appearing next to it. The number of narrow shows how many windows the app is opening; input an arrow, and all windows are presented on the screen.

The traditional app menu disappears, and it is replaced with a new search utility. Just type the app’s name or document for which you want to search, and results will be displayed on the screen. There is performance improvement that has made it the best version of Ubuntu so far.

Operating system. 1GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 15GB disk space


Serif WebPlus X5

5 stars

$55, including VAT

WebPlus X5 is an easy-to-use total web design app equipped with numberless surprising features. It is a web adjustment app WYSIWYG keeping most codes confidential and giving priority to drag and drop method, but it is also very strong – it is easy to add more complex contents such as website search engine, pop-ups, and RRS feed provided strengths by JavaScript, and you can create three types of e-commerce website such as the website based on PayPal. 

Web design software. Requires XP, optical drive, 749MB free disk space


Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

5 stars

$96, including VAT

Vegas is our favorite video ajdustment app due to fast performance and adjustment tools reasonably organized. The new version can adjust footage with 3D cameras such as HDC-SD90 of Panasonic with optional 3D lens and even the ability of creating sufficient 3D Blu-ray disk during text animation, which allows nice text cover for film. This version is faster than the previous one, but you will need only one srong PC to have good preview performance while adjusting HD stream.

Video adjustment software. Windows XP SP3/Vista SP2/7, 2GHz processor, 1GB RAM (2GB is advisory), 400MB disk space.


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