Updates & Drivers (April – 2012)

4/13/2012 8:50:57 AM

When it comes to protecting your PC, installing the latest software updates is one of the most important steps you can take. Software updates fix bugs, plug security holes, and sometimes even add new features. Drivers can also solve problems and improve performance, but many users prefer to install new drivers only when a device isn't working properly. Here are the updates and drivers you should know about this month.

NVIDIA GeForce290.53 BETA Driver

This driver supports systems with GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9,100, 200, 300,400, and 500 series desktop graphics cards, as well as those with ION graphics processors. NVIDIA has also fixed some bugs that occur when the PC is set to use the default display resolution with the 290.36 driver. Other improvements include additional support for games, as well as additional game profiles for NVIDA's SLI and 3D Vision technology. To install the download, visit and select your video card and Windows edition from the drop-down menus.

Adobe Camera Raw 6.6

Owners of Adobe Creative Suite 5 and Photoshop CSS should check out Adobe's Camera Raw 6.6 update because it adds support for many of today's newest cameras. Just some of the newly supported models include the Canon PowerShot S100, Nikon 1J1 and V1, and Samsung NX5 and NX200. Adobe recommends that you download the update by selecting Updates from the Help menu in your Adobe application.

iTunes 10.5.3

This update for iTunes gives you the ability to sync interactive iBooks with your iPad. iBooks are multi-touch textbooks that are available from the iBookstore, which can be found on your iBooks 2 app for iPad. The digital textbooks can provide students with immediate feedback through questionnaires at the end of chapters. Apple also includes a variety of security patches with the 10.5.3 update. To download the update, open iTunes, select Help, and click Check For Updates.

Description: iTunes 10.5.3 lets you sync iBooks with your iPad.

iTunes 10.5.3 lets you sync iBooks with your iPad.

Picasa 3.9

In version 3.9 of Picasa, Google has integrated the ability to upload images—at their original size—to your Google+ account, so you can share the photos with your circles. Another helpful upgrade is the ability to tag your Google+ friends in your photos, and when you do so, Google+ will notify those friends that they have been tagged in a photo. Picasa 3.9 also features a wide variety of new photo-editing effects, just some of which include Infrared, Cinemascope, Sixties, Focal Zoom, and Comic Book. To download the update, start Picasa, Help, and click Check For Updates.

Description: The newest release of Picasa lets you upload photos and tag your Google+ friends.

The newest release of Picasa lets you upload photos and tag your Google+ friends.

ezPaycheck 2012 released ezPaycheck 2012 with updates that reflect the latest tax table changes for all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and federal taxes. For example, many states changed the withholding allowance for employees in 2012, and ezPaycheck 2012 can help you automatically calculate both pre-tax and post-tax deductions, including for tips, commissions, Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment. To update from the 2011 to 2012 version, you can visit and purchase the 2012 ezPayCheck Update Package for $59 (per year, per installation).

Description: With ezPaycheck 2012, you'll have support for the latest tax tables for all 50 states.

With ezPaycheck 2012, you'll have support for the latest tax tables for all 50 states.

Yahoo! Messenger 11.5

The 11.5 update for Yahoo! Messenger delivers a number of features based on the feedback and suggestions from users. For example, having a different tab for each conversation was a highly requested feature that Yahoo! added to make it easy for you to chat with multiple people at once. Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 also simplifies contact management with a Recent Contacts list that populates with the people you chat with the most. There are also new social games and the ability to share a snapshot of your computer screen. You can download the latest Yahoo! Messenger from

Description: Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 lets you have a different tab for each conversation.

Yahoo! Messenger 11.5 lets you have a different tab for each conversation.

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