Windows Tips & Tricks (May 2012) - Part 3 : Check the stability of your Windows system, Display particular Wi-Fi keys once again

5/24/2012 5:31:16 PM

5.    WINDOWS XP / VISTA / 7

Check the stability of your Windows system

Unnecessary system crashes should not stop your work.

Description: Windows system

Windows has a few tools which monitor and analyze the order of events as well as the system condition. This helps in early detection of a problem and thus an early rectification. A starting point for an early detection of problems is thus the 'System integrity report' that is to be found in the Control Panel.

You can make the tool directly available simply by entering a direct command 'perfmon /report' in the search field of the start menu. Those, who click classically go to the 'System and security' in the Control Panel and in the 'Maintenance centre'. Now, you will see a reference to the left stating 'Display historical information' and 'Other tools'. Now, with a click of a mouse below you can go to 'Create system integrity report'. A small one-minute survey will now start for the system as the basis of the report.

Once the report is ready it does not really matter as to how have you initiated the report creation. You first need to check the warnings displayed to the upper side of the window and the basic system properties. In the 'Detailed diagnosis' screen you will be able to see that there is a faulty system service in our system and that the security centre has missed offering a virus protection. You will get advice for every warning stating the way to deal with the problem and ways to remove it, for instance, re-start the service and install an anti-virus program or deactivate the check in the security center for an unrecognized product.

The lower sections that can be opened by clicking on the respective bars offer a detailed analysis of the system for specialists. For instance, you will find the 'Autorun programs' under the 'Software configuration' or the currently running memory hog for your installation under 'Working memory' and 'Processing'.

6.    Windows Vista / 7

Find quick help for unmanageable applications

It isn't always easy to know where to turn for help.

Description: A simple list of contact numbers and websites that will always be within reach.

A simple list of contact numbers and websites that will always be within reach.

If you have installed several programs and tools, you could create a list of links to the respective manufacturers' help pages for quick future reference. In the Control Panel, you can activate this list of links by clicking on 'Programs and Features' in the Control Panel. Make sure the list of programs is set to the 'Details' view and then right-click on the header bar. Select the command 'More' in the context menu and then activate the option 'Help link' in the following dialog to display the new column.

Moreover, here you can also select the option 'Support link'. If needed, the link can be clicked to take you directly to the support website for the respective program. Most often these websites are in English but in all cases they offer adequate help when required to. Most of the times, the 'Support number' option is localized, but the telephone number available is not applicable or convenient for all programs. Now, confirm your selection with an 'OK' if you wish to update the entries immediately in all the columns.

7.    Windows Xp / Vista / 7

Display particular Wi-Fi keys once again

You require the network key for connecting a new mobile device with the home wireless network.

Description: 'WirelessKeyView. exe'

This tool should only be used to reveal the passwords of networks you are authorized to use.

You need the password created for the Wi-Fi but it is complex and difficult to remember. It is annoying to call up the IP address of the router like in the browser and log in to check it each time.

This whole task becomes quite smooth with the help of a free tool called WirelessKeyView. You can download this program from First, extract the ZIP archive in any desired folder. And then you can immediately start 'WirelessKeyView. exe' without any further installation. However, you must authorize the process carried out by the tool for your security software—this is because the request for a key is taken as a security threat by the system.

Then, the list displays all the Wi-Fi networks that were previously used by you on this computer, as well as their keys. By chance, if there is an additional old connection —like of Windows XP—then the key will give you a hint about it. The key is encrypted in a long string and cannot be converted back using common tools. However, it can be used even in this form in many devices and applications.

The access in Windows 7 is proven to be a bit difficult. Here, you need to go to the command 'File | Advanced Options'. Then activate the option 'Use code injection method' and confirm this with 'OK'. The request is thus processed even here.

NOTE: Use this tool exclusively for your own Wi-Fi network—reading the key from a different computer is considered to be an offense. However, the program cannot crack your neighbor's Wi-Fi simply by detecting its signal; instead it shows only the keys that are already saved on your computer because they have been authorized in the past.

8.    Win Dows Vista / 7

File selection in Windows Explorer

An easier way to select multiple files.

Description: The trick designed for touchscreens is just as useful with a keyboard and mouse.

The trick designed for touchscreens is just as useful with a keyboard and mouse.

If you wish to select several files at a time in the Explorer then keep the [Ctrl] key pressed while clicking. However, it is easy to make an incorrect selection or release the [Ctrl] key by mistake or also press another key. If you are afraid that you might have to begin all over again.

If you wish to try and use this method then click on 'Organize' option in the Explorer and then on 'Folder and search options'. Go to the 'View' tab. Now here, for the advanced settings search for the option 'Use checkboxes for selecting objects' and activate it. Confirm this change by pressing 'OK'. The setting can be brought to immediate effect without having to restart the system.

Explorer now displays checkboxes only when the mouse pointer hovers over an entry. This is how files and folders can be selected simultaneously with a mouse click without having to remember to keep some additional button pressed. Of course, the known method continues to function in the same way such that you can use either of the methods that is best suitable for you. The checkbox that is always visible in the upper region next to 'Name' helps in making an additional selection of all the elements just like with the key combination [Ctrl] + [A],

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