The Latest News (May 2012)

5/23/2012 6:00:01 PM

Description: The Latest News

There’s a lot of great stuff in this issue, including Mark Pickavance’s feature on using an Android phone in place of a PC, and James Hunt’s intriguing examination of Foxconn.

However, what really caught my attention this week was two BBC Breakfast presenters completely failing to grasp how Google’s targeted advertising actually works.

For those who missed it, they were talking to a Google representative about privacy policies, but couldn’t seem to understand that your emails and search term aren’t passed on to advertisers.

That’s not to say Google doesn’t need to be closely monitored and that the amount of data it holds on us isn’t somewhat troubling, but it does show how out of touch some of those in the mainstream media are.

You can see the whole embarrassing thing at

Android Mobiles in Security Risk

Manufacturers are still letting us down

Description: Android mobiles at risk

Android mobiles at risk

The Mobile World Congress has brought up another slice of news, and it’s not great for manufacturers of Android mobile phones.

British IT security company MWR InfoSecurity has stated that Android mobiles are being compromised on a daily basis, exposing users to a genuine security risk. The reason for this is, by all accounts, because those pesky manufactures are not doing enough to safeguard us all from said risks. Curse them!

The security problems that exist with Android phones essentially concern exposing private information – particularly problematic when it comes to mobile banking, of course. The company has actually identified more than ten vulnerabilities specific to Samsung smartphones and tablets and has gone so far as reporting these issues to Samsung in Korea, no less.

So here’s hoping that the manufacturers start to pull their collective finger out and sort the security to make the mobile world a better place.

Well, we can hope, can’t we?

Acer’s Liquid Glow

This summer, another smartphone is coming to town.

Description: Acer’s Liquid Glow

Acer’s Liquid Glow

Billed by Acer as a handful of friendship and fun, which is comfortably one of the worst straplines we’ve seen on a product for some time, the Liquid Glow smartphone has been unveiled at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Liquid Glow is based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and promises to bring ‘a balance between style, performance and affordability’.

What does that mean in reality? A 3.7” screen, neat curves, chrome details, a soft-touch casing and a choice of three colours.

Throw in a 5MP rear camera with an LED flash for low light, a panoramic image capture, touch focus, plus Android Beam for sharing photos with another NFC-powered Android device in a single tap, and we’re suddenly far more excited about this one. Expect it to compete with lots of other phones come its summer release.

Sock-et to Flaky Wi-fi With Power Sockets


Description: Power ethernet Sockets

Power ethernet Sockets

It’s always nice to be able to write about a British tech firm, so it’s with a skip in our step that we bring you news of Brit technology start-up Power Ethernet and its Power Ethernet Sockets.

The sockets will cope with the increased demands of superfast broadband, which may appeal to any multiplayer gamers among you. Based on the HomePlug AV standard for power-line networking, the Power Ethernet Socket offers four Ethernet network ports and a filtered power socket in a unit that replaces your standard double power socket in your wall.

You’ll have to install two or more sockets for your home network, of course, and if you’re wondering what it offers over traditional power-line plug-in adaptors, then Power Ethernet suggests that it’s more robust and reliable, and this is a permanent solution.

The website for more details is
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