Jexaa Jex Tab Evo: Slow and Bad

4/19/2012 9:41:01 AM

Description: Jexaa Jex Tab Evo

Description: Jexaa Jex Tab Evo

Evo is a smart 7-inch tablet running Android 2.3. It has 4GB storage, and Mini USB gate supporting USB On The Go (OTG), which means that it can accept flash drive and even 3G dongle.

The tablet appears to be well designed. With black border and white back, it reminds us of Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab. Besides USB OTG gate, it has a Mini HDMI gate to export video to outside screen. There is only 4GB of internal storage, but Micro SDHC gate supports memory card up to 32GB.

USB OTG gate works as standard client gate to charge Evo and browse storage, and is also a host gate, so you can put in external storage device as well as other accessories. It recognizes flash drive in FAT format but does not recoginize NTFS, and although our Huawei E367 HSPA+ dongle does not work, the E1750 HSPA older model works well.

Unlike some cheap tablets, JexTab Evo is accompanied by Android 2.3’s fully version, including Market and almost all standard Google apps. Tablet producers often have to adjust Android versions before the third version since they are not designed for large screens, but Evo’s 800x480 resolution is quite typical for smartphone. Although it was stretched throughout larger screen, we did not find any pixellation, and besides, images were bright and colorful. View conner is especially good for tablet, and capacitive touch interface is smooth. However, interface is rather slow – Evo’s 800MHz processor is slow for a tablet.

However, regardless of standard resolution, many apps were not installed. Some were available in Evo’s Market but did not work when we visited Android Market on PC’s browser. They include popular apps such as iPlayer, Facebook, Evernote, Firefox, Google Books, Google Maps, Google+, and Kindle of Amazon.

We tried to install these apps via device’s market, but they did not work very well. Google Plus app had hanged many times in our tests, while Skype refused to restart if we activated video call feature although Evo has front camera appropriate to Skype.

This means Evo’s front camera has limited use. You even cannot use it to take picture because you will have to rotate Evo, so you cannot use the screen as lens. In any case like this one, photo is taken with 2MP sensor in low resolution together with heavy compression.

We want JexTab to work well, but regardless of smart cover and Android’s updated version, it is too lacking in stability and too odd to be introduced, even at this cheap price. It is a gamble to see whether your favorite apps work on it, and there is nothing to make sure that it will not hang. It is a pity that this Android tablet does not have performance to support its interesting technical features.


Description: Jexaa Jex Tab Evo

Verdict. Clear screen and USB OTG feature cannot make up for slow performance, app support is bad, and interface is designed poorly.

Tablet. Telechips 8902 800MHz, 256MB RAM, 4GB drive, 7-inch LCD screen, Android 2.3, 192x121x12mm, 310g, one-year RTB warranty.

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