Rig Builder – May 2012 (Part 4)

6/4/2012 5:33:20 PM

Chassis: Cooler Master CM690: $87

Description: Cooler Master CM690

The CM690 eschews silly gimmicks inflavour of producing a no-nonsense chassis that has plenty of cooling options for your mainstreaming. There’s apace aplenty inside and all at a reasonable price.

Screen: Asus PA238Q: $321

Description: Asus PA238Q

For just over $300 you can pick up this fantastic IPS-based, 23-inch monitor from Asus. Asus? Yes, they of mobo fame, but it’s one hell of a panel for not a lot more than a TN screen.

Keyboard: Microsoft Sidewinder X6: $52.5

Description: Microsoft Sidewinder X6

The Sidewinder X6 looks great and is as good for gaming as it is typing. It has a detachable numpad, which can be affixed either side, and boasts live macro recording too.

CPU cooler: Gelid Tranquillo: $37.5

Description: Gelid Tranquillo

The Tranquillo offers everything we expect from a CPU cooler. It has power enough to keep your chip cool, while quiet enough not to annoy. It’s also wonder fully affordable, which helps.

High-end: $5,686.5

Description:  The high-end computers

Motherboard: Asus P9X79 Pro: $307.5

Description: Asus P9X79 Pro

Asus has really gone to town on the X79 platform, spamming the market with a host of boards. And most of them pretty darned good too. This here P9X79 Pro is a great little performer.

CPU: Intel Core i7 3690X: $1,200

Description: Intel Core i7 3690X

With the same six-core setup as the previous gen there’s not a huge amount of extra stock performance, but in the OC stakes the new Sandy Bridge E wins out.

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