Upgrade Power - Guidelines For PSU Buyers (Part 1) - PCI-E connectors, Hybrid fan, Enermax EPM1000EWT

6/19/2012 9:01:12 AM

When you build a “giant” machine, we know that you often have to combine high-quality components which you always use under heavy load. Therefore, you will need a power to supply stable electricity for your thirsty hardware. Before reading our instruction for buyers, please take several minutes to review main features of the power which can play an important role in your shopping.

PCI-E connectors

Description:  A hybrid 8/6-pin PCIe connector next to a standard 6-pin plug

A hybrid 8/6-pin PCIe connector next to a standard 6-pin plug

Nowadays high-level graphic cards usually require a certain combination of 6-pin or 8-pin PCI-E power connectors. If your machine has multiple graphic cards, you will want to make sure that the power you choose to provide enough PCI-E connectors to meet current (possibly future) GPU demand. Most memory manufacturers include many 6+2 pin connectors for you to connect 6-pin or 8-pin PCI-E inputs.

CPU +12V connector

Description: CPU +12V Connector

Many top motherboard is are suitable for overclocking now have 8-pin EPS connector to provide enough energy for a leading multi-core processor which was overclocked. TO ensure the compatibility with the most common CPU connectors, power manufacturers often include at least a 4+4 pin for motherboards connected with 4-pin ATX +12V. Although your current motherboard doesn’t require 2 EPS +12V connectors, you may consider investing into a PSU with 2 EPS +12V cables to support high-quality machines in the future.

Environmental friendly

There are many environmentally friendly standards that the power at this time can comply with, including ErP (Energy-related Products) Lot 6, Energy Star 5.0, Intel C6, WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Erp Lot 6 standard is one of the latest standards, and it limits the power consumption to the maximum in standby or sleep mode, under 0.5W – for example, you have a motherboard which is obey ErP. C6 of Intel claims that it reduce consumed energy while the computer is sleep or standby; it immediately increase the voltage when being awakened.

Perhaps the most important green elements you will want to consider is energy efficiency. Recently, 80 PLUS certification program is the gold standard for consumer PSU. Here are rankings of 80PLUS and the minimum effect they must be reached in 50%: 80 PLUS (80%), Bronze (85%), Silver (88%), Gold (90%) and Platinum (92%). 80 PLUS program also evaluates the effectiveness of the power loading at 20% and 100%, and the least efficiency in 2 or 3% of 50% efficiency. A power often emphasizes its 80 PLUS efficiency. In our instruction, we list the highest 80 PLUS certification of each power.

Hybrid fan

Description: Hybrid fan

One of methods that power producers use to improve energy efficiency is to use the automatic fan control. For instance, many new powers operate in hybrid mode where fans only started to run when PSU reaches the certain loading percentage or heat level such as 20% loading and 25 ° C. Smart temperature controls also increase cooling speed when the temperature rises, so the fan of the power runs at the minimum speed to cool the PSU. A side benefit is the slower fan runs, the less noise the power generates, which is a big plus for computer addicts.

Cable length

Description: Cable length

Long and high fibers used by multiple users can increase the cable length to the maximum. If the cable is too short, you may have to run it through the motherboard where it can be caught in a pile of packaged cables. Many advanced powers have longer fibers to allow you to run the cable to anywhere you want, help to easily design a machine with tidier interior.

In our instruction, you will find many PSU types for your machine. We will highlight main features to help you find a suitable model with your preferences. In addition to 80 PLUS certification, we also talk about the total capacity and the number of rail +12V.

Enermax EPM1000EWT

Description: Enermax EPM1000EWT


Why will you notice it? Platimax has 94% maximum efficiency under 50% loading and it meets 80 PLUS standard. We tested the power which could be removable a section in the February volume and realized that it supplied impressive maximum voltage, 716 watt with 981 power factor. It supports 3 GPU configuration with six 6+2-pin PCI-E connectors, as well as powerful CPU with EPS +12V connectors with 4+4 pins and 8 pins. While combining with a support motherboard Erp Lot 6, Platimax can run under 1W when PC is turned off or sleep, help to improve the efficiency to 20% in comparison with traditional powers.

Those should use: those having thorough knowledge of computer with a case full of hardware, including multiple GPU, and needing a high-quality power to supply reliable power for all components. People who concern about energy efficiency will also enjoy it because Palimax 1000W meets one of the highest 80 PLUS certifications.

Total capacity: 1000 watt

Number of +12V rail: 1 (83A)

80 PLUS certification: Platinum

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