Incoming: Corsair, OCZ, Crucial, nVidia

7/4/2012 5:47:38 PM

We take a look at the latest newly announced products.

Corsair joins fan club

Description: Corsair joins fan club

Corsair has ticked another step off its PC domination plan with the announcement that it’s entering the fan market, following the memory maker’s relatively recent move into making cases, PSUs, SSDs and peripherals. The new Air Series fans will be available in two categories – high air flow (for cases) and high static pressure (for radiators and heatsinks), with Quiet and performance models in bot h categories. Most of than fans are 120mm models, although there’s also a 140mm unit in the high airflow line-up, and they’ll also be available in black, red, blue and white.

OCZ updates vertex 4 firmware

Description: OCZ Vertex 4

OCZ claims owners of its Vertex 4 series of SSDs can now squeeze more performance from them with the latest 1.4 firmware update. According to the company, the maximum write speed of the 120GB version will increase massively from 200MB/sec to 420MB/sec, while the 256GB will now write at a maximum of 465MB/sec, increasing from 380MB/sec. Meanwhile, OCZ says the maximum read speeds will increase from 535MB/sec to 550MB/sec across the board.

OCZ says the speed boost comes from a ‘predictive read algorithm, which anticipates and responds to commands not yet issued by the host’. You can grab the new firmware from, but the flash process will destroy all the data on the drive, so make sure you perform a backup first.

Crucial SSD and llano price crash

Description: Crucial SSD

Crucial SSD

Now is the time to jump in and relegate your clattering hard drive to media storage duties, if you haven’t already. Crucial has just knocked loads off the asking price of its award-winning M4 SSDs (see Issue 104, p64).

The 128MB M4 now costs $135 inc VAT from, while the 256GB flavor now costs just $262.5 inc VAT. There are no excuses now!

Meanwhile, AMD has also been hitting its Llano chips with a price-beating stick. The A8-3870K Black Edition now costs just $127.5 inc VAT from – a bargain for a half-decent CPU and GPU in one unit.

Geforce GTX 670 revealed

Description: Corsair joins fan club

Sadly, we didn’t have time to get hold of the one of these and put it through its paces before we went to press, but Nvidia has now started filling out the GeForce 600-series ranger of GPUs even further. The new GrForce GTX 670 has seven Streaming Multiprocessor (SM) units, rather than eight found on the GTX 680, resulting in a total of 1,344 stream processor. Meanwhile, the GPU has a base clock of 915MHz, which can GPU boost to 980MHz. Both 2GB and 4GB flavours will be available, and the default effective GDDR5 speed is 6,009MHz. We’ll be reviewing the GeForce GTX 670 in our next issue.

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