SpeedUpMyPC 2012

6/29/2012 9:40:52 AM

A new product from Uniblue that claims to fix your PC performance issues

Windows is clearly much more robust than it used to be. The dreaded Blue Screen of Death is not such a common visitor, or at least it's not on my systems. Yet no matter how careful you are with the programs and files that make up the data we work with on a day to day basis; our machines still get screwed up. I'm sure you all recognise the symptoms; the machine takes much longer to start up and close down. The hard drive spends most of the day beating its brains out, when you're actually not doing anything. It also takes longer and longer to open files, launch programs and generally seems sluggish to use.

Description: SpeedUpMyPC 2012

The program found over 1800 issues on my machine.

My own remedy for these symptoms in the past has been a reinstall of Windows, after formatting the drive. Followed by the laborious task of reinstalling the rest of the programs and personal data I need to work with. While I'm aware that there are many companies advertising products claiming to fix these issues, I've yet to find one that can match the performance increase you get with a Windows refit. However, this latest product from Uniblue called SpeedUpMyPC claims to do just that, so I hoped to be impressed!

SpeedUpMyPC is tiny at a little over 5.5MB, it installs and launches in a few seconds. Then (whether you choose to buy it or not), it will scan your system for unused processes, invalid registry entries and provide the results in a series of reports. It will also offer various system tweaks and its own set of speed tools. These are all designed to optimise and improve the performance of your system. As you might expect, the options are all listed in such a way that you can elect to accept or reject each one in turn by clicking in a box to the left.

In order to act on this information, you'll need to purchase and register the product. Then having verified the changes the program intends to make, you simply click on apply. The whole process takes about ten minutes, but could vary depending on the speed of your system and the state it's in.

Description: SpeedUpMyPC 2012

The system speed tools do make a difference.

After completing the scan and resolving the issues, I rebooted -only necessary if you defrag the registry - to see if there was any difference in closedown or startup speeds. Closedown was certainly quicker; the machine normally sits there waiting for some obscure programs to close before it shuts down. Yet the startup was not much different, however there was a difference in the length of time it took before I could use applications. So yes, overall an improvement.

In mitigation, a reviewer's machine is not typical; the amount of programs we install and uninstall is bound to leave the system in turmoil, so any improvement is an achievement.

Finally the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee that the product will improve the performance of your system, if for any reason you don't agree they will refund your money.






Website software/speedupmypc

Required spec

Pentium class processor, 20MB HD space, SVGA 16-bit video card, 2GB RAM, Windows XP or later

  •  PNY Professional SSD
  •  Plextor M3 Pro 256GB
  •  Patriot Pyro SE
  •  Kingston HyperX
  •  Google Drive
  •  Storage, Screens And Sounds (Part 3)
  •  Storage, Screens And Sounds (Part 2)
  •  Storage, Screens And Sounds (Part 1)
  •  300Mbps AV200 Wireless N Powerline Extender TL-WPA281
  •  Media Pc Hardware Round-Up (Part 3) - Memory,Video Cards, Sound Cards, PSU And Cooling
  •  Media Pc Hardware Round-Up (Part 2) - Processors & Motherboards
  •  Media Pc Hardware Round-Up (Part 1) - CASES
  •  Corsair Performance Series Pro
  •  AData S511 – It's not enough to enter High-End class
  •  Yamicsoft Windows 7 Manager 3.0.8
  •  Combine The Pieces Together - Third Party Windows Defragmenter (Part 3) - Raxco PerfectDisk 12.5 Pro, Auslogic Disk Defrag 3.3
  •  Combine The Pieces Together - Third Party Windows Defragmenter (Part 2) - Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3, IObit Smart Defrag 2.3
  •  Combine The Pieces Together - Third Party Windows Defragmenter (Part 1) - O & O Defrag 15 Professional Edition
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