Go-rock CUBE SRS - Rocking out with a CUBE

4/25/2012 5:36:42 PM

Price: $100


Description: Go-rock CUBE SRS - Rocking out with a CUBE 

Description: Go-rock CUBE SRS - Rocking out with a CUBE

If you’re into music, odds are you’d want them both loud and clear. The same applies to watching YouTube videos, or movies, or that ridiculous video you took of a friend dancing to Bee Gees during New Year’s Eve with your phone’s camera. With the invention of the Go.Rock CUBE, we believe that you are new given a very good option for audio boosting.

For one thing, it is really portable, in the ‘I could stuff it in my bag no problem’ kind of portable. The speaker set comes in two small sized cubes that are connected through magnets located at their undersides, and once connected you can fix them to a smaller cube. But what makes it ‘stuffable’ in a bag is that it is Bluetooth enabled and works around a 10-metre diameter. The only cables which are the USBs are well kept and hidden within the attached speakers which means that you can say goodbye to untangling cables for everything trip you make.

Description: The speakers connect to each other via magnet

The speakers connect to each other via magnet

Don’t underestimate its sound qualities just because it’s small. This little chilli will make whatever you’re playing loud and clear. It is without a doubt louder than any built-in speakers in your laptops or mobile phones, but that’s not all – it also has great sound clarity. The speakers do not destroy the exquisite value of your audio, but caresses it loud and hard enough to not break it. The sound quality is optimized to make every piece of sound in your audio audible.

The bass, which most people are into these days, is considerably top-notch as well, especially coming from a clenched-fist-sized speakers. It has rechargeable batteries that can last for about eight hours, and can charge them via USB from your laptops or power forts.

It is overall pretty impressive. According to our tests, the speakers projected sounds loud and clear. Connecting the device to the laptop might require a few changes to the audio settings, but nothing you wouldn’t be able to handle, while connecting it to a mobile device is pretty straight forward.

Chip Conclude

The go-rock CUBE is pretty solid. It is considerably portable, moreover wireless and packs and impressive sound volume and quality. Combined with a simple connection method, the speaker set is a good deal for people of all ages.


Speaker Output: 2W

Frequency Response: 2.402~2.4800GHz

Interface: SBC Bluetooth, 3.5mm wired audio

Dimensions: 81.85 x 81 x 95 mm (combination mode)



Performance: 4 stars

Features: 3 stars

Design: 4 stars

Value: 4 stars

Good: amazing audio quality and volume; solid design; wireless and USB cable is well hidden inside.

Bad: none

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