Corsair Nova 2

6/30/2012 5:57:30 PM

Typically, the main obstacle to getting on the SSD ladder has been the price. When you can buy traditional hard drives offering hundreds and hundreds of gigabytes worth of storage, it's tough to abandon the old mindset that you buy hard drives for their size, rather than speed.

Description: Corsair Nova 2

However, if you don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a hard drive smaller than the one you bought in 1999, there is an alternative: the Corsair Nova 2. Available at sizes of either 30GB or 60GB, this isn't an SSD that's going to work as a replacement for any hard drive except the very smallest, but at prices under $96, it's a relatively cheap way to try out the format and see how interested you are.

Cheap drives like this are springing up due to the recent release of the second generation of SandForce-based SSDs. First-generation models (such as the Nova 2) are being sold off quickly and cheaply, because they're the same price to manufacture but substantially slower. Companies want them off shelves as quickly as possible.

Although the 30GB model is perhaps a little too small to be of any use in a world where a 64-bit Windows installation alone requires 20GB of space, the 60GB model offers space for your operating system and any software (although you'll probably want to move your MP3 collection somewhere else). It'll take some work to manage the amount of free space, but if you're willing to do so, you can get all the speed benefits of an SSD without spending loads.

The quoted speeds are perhaps a little exaggerated, with average write performance clocking in at around 100MB/s. That still fast enough that you'll see benefits, but be aware that it's not quite as impressive as it looks on paper.

There's certainly a place for drives of this class, however, and if you're running a normal hard drive you can get a massive improvement without spending much money, but unless you've got a good reason to go for the ultra-thifty 30GB versions, there are better options.

Description: Corsair Nova 2




$71.98 - $95.26


30GB I 60GB

Read speed


Write speed


Max power consumption


Idle power consumption


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