Find Out The Best Bargain For Technological Products

2/6/2013 6:02:28 PM

We explain the way how to seek out a good bargain when buying laptops, tablets, smartphones, and so on.

Description: Find out the best bargain for technological products

Find out the best bargain for technological products

Products like smartphones, notebooks, or laptops will be under a number of Christmas trees this year, and to be the best presents which people can buy. However, shopping technology equipment may be expensive, and full of risk that you should take precaution. Here is some simple advice to help you find the best value when buying technological products for presents or yourself.

We focus on notebooks and laptops, but the similar advice is also correct for others technological products including smartphones, cameras, GPS, and printers.


That sounds evident, but if you want the best value, the most important thing is to take on some researches. The beginning of process is to research which product is the most suitable for your needs. Remember that “cheap” is not equal to “good value” in technological field.

For example, let consider tablet. Recently, a reader has been doubtful my one-year-ago statement that iPad has “good bargain”. You said surely that Android tablets are cheaper and analyzing products showed that the accessories are much cheaper than price that Apple counted for iPad.

But that is problem. Although analyzing parts of a device will indicate how much they cost, it only represents a little relationship to the value of products.

However, I thought iPad had reasonable price even this argument was less persuasion at the time when I gave the recommend. At that time, the only product which was closed to iPad’s quality was not as good as iPad but cost nearly iPad’s price. Furthermore, they operated on smartphone OS Android that was not suitable for the using purpose of tablets, there were few applications for tablet, or film and music resources were not considerable.

The market is different now. Together with Nexus 7 and Nexus 10, Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD, hardware Android is keeping closely iPad’s quality; these products are cheaper than Apple’s tablets. Android Jelly Bean is an appropriate operating system for tablets with good options of films and music though it’s still lack of applications for tablets on Android.

Microsoft Surface RT tablets adding Windows options are perfect but they cost the same as iPad.

Prices of Nexus devices and tablets from e-reader manufactures have been reduced in order to encourage content sales. Therefore, they usually attract attention of customers, but the buyers are giving a deal: Nook HD and Kindle Fire are locked so closely that they become useless stuff unless you buy happily the content via their shops. Nexus devices are on sales because the main customers of Google are advertisers, and they want you to buy applications and music while providing data to advertisers.

There are no problems making these tablets be bad products, but they cause iPad’s price to become prospect. They are different devices for different needs.

Therefore, before deciding to buy one technological product, let find out what you will use it for. After that, you should read prestigious recommend articles from magazines like PC Advisor as much as possible. Read feedback from users, but should be careful because all of the products have some positive comments, and criticism normally is based on the factors which are not concerned to you.

You are going to be more lucky for seek out a good bargain if you know exactly what you want.

Use price-compared website

The websites which compare price among products are proven to have bad reputation in some sides; however, if they are used effectively, they can find out weird good bargains. At least one time to browsing Google Shopping, PriceRunner, Reevoo and the rest will show you the range of the price that you have to pay for your chosen products.

Do not limit yourself to price-compared websites. Let’s go shopping with smartphone and you can use a variety of comparing applications while taking physical check for products. One of the best applications is Skinflint for iOS, a price-compared application majors in technology. Using Skinflint, you can compare the cheapest price for technological products from over 850 retailers in Britain. After finishing research, you can have a look on specifications and compare the price among big retailers’ chain, online retailers, and hundreds of independent ones. Because Skinflint consists of services on geographic position and barcode, you can know what are being provided in warehouse wherever you are.

Description: Google Shopping, PriceRunner, Reevoo and the rest will show you the range of the price that you have to pay for your chosen products.

Google Shopping, PriceRunner, Reevoo and the rest will show you the range of the price that you have to pay for your chosen products.

Famous applications and websites as Skinflint will try to present you detailed information on providers, as well as total shopping cost. However, there is still limitation of comparing price. Business model of most comparing machine is that the compared company receives a little money from any profits. Relying on the small income that most suppliers received for their technological products and it’s easy to access to websites of online retailers that can cause some dishonest activities. It’s also the reason why some big manufacturers and providers inform “We are not in price-compared websites” in their advertisements.

“Nowadays, it’s still wild Western for all big or small companies who are using all able operation to attract customers’ attention”, said Brian Trevaskiss. He drafted some ways that the companies covered the real prices of products to “win” in comparison, then your income is bigger than the final analysis – what More pledge would never be done.

“You will see the price without VAT, delivering free (only when you pay more than $150), models are not made in England, and old-fashion websites without warehouses. The websites came and left in surprising speed. Unconscionable cow-boys set up stores, bought in lower price, borrow money and drove away in expensive cars without being supposed to support customers or pay for their suppliers”, warned Trevaskiss.

As a result, let use price comparisons as reference but not believe completely the cheapest price that you find out. If you have to buy products through price-compared websites, follow the advice of Trevaskiss, even it means that paying more in short-term: “Buy from a retailer who has demonstrated achievements in the past – and be a retailer paying English tax. It’s worth if the product is not come to right places or is wrong”.

We want to add more advice: find the best deal from price comparison, then compare it to what is available from manufacturers or suppliers who you have bought products before, and who you know that they will appear to take on any supporting requires.

Remember that some products are only available or most from manufactures, so if you are finding a cheap laptop, for example, check what you can invest on Dell’s website, and compare these specifications to independent SKU which you can see on price-compared websites. It’s able to that Dell will have good competition, and you know this company will be here for 1 or 2 years to do any reparations immediately if necessary.

Check all options

eBay is no longer a flea market, and Amazon also is not a bookstore. Today, the knowledge online retailers will be on eBay, Amazon, as well as price-compared websites and open websites. Basing on an account of products, which these stores provide, is not trustworthy. The interesting thing from customers’ view is that the same suppliers are able to set up different prices and special suggestions on all their channels. Therefore, once you chose product and consider the range of price, be sure that you have checked all options.

Description: Today, the knowledge online retailers will be on eBay, Amazon, as well as price-compared websites and open websites.

Today, the knowledge online retailers will be on eBay, Amazon, as well as price-compared websites and open websites.

Browser bargaining websites such as HotUKDeals is where people use verbal rumor about coupons and limited agreement. It saves your time surfing on the websites to find. That may be a good way for get a good bargain. 

For instance, if you are supposed to buy a laptop, and you know which specifications you want, check price-compared websites to know the price you would pay. Then have a look in big producers like Dell and HP to know what they can supply. After that, you should see agreement and coupons because old generation laptops are usually sold very cheaply.

Description: Browser bargaining websites such as HotUKDeals is where people use verbal rumor about coupons and limited agreement.

Browser bargaining websites such as HotUKDeals is where people use verbal rumor about coupons and limited agreement.

In fact, some providers as Medion which is belongs to Lenovo have to do that unavoidably. They only produce a small number of specific SKU, and sell them directly or through supermarket. It helps to reduce cost, so you can find a good bargain. However, each model is available in short time. Therefore, let check websites: you are able to be lucky.

Are not persuaded to buy more

You have sought out desired product, checked market price, and chosen a reasonable and prestigious supplier. You are almost done.

Upsell is skill adding costly supplements, or persuading customers to buy a higher-priced product than at first. It always happens and may be expensive.

Retailers and producers usually have fewer profits in technological products, so they attempt to raise income by buying software, guaranteeing, or delivering on next day. They are able to be helpful, but do not buy them if you do not want.

I have recently consulted my colleague’s sister to buy laptop. We considered what she needed, checked the market, and finally chose $540 Dell Inspiron. However, she bought the $750 laptop – the seller persuaded her that the slim and light Ultrabook was better, and sold her Microsoft Office software and 3-year antivirus certificate. She was not tricked: the product was worthier, and supplements are useful and reasonable. In reality, she had a good deal, but she paid more than expected – that is able to avoid.


You have done: research products and price, go shopping wisely with carefulness and creativeness. Or if you are buying Christmas gifts: go to the gas station in Christmas’ Eve and buy flowers and chocolate as last year.

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