Group Test Computer Desks March 2014 (Part 3) - ADA 2000 Winding Height Desk

4/21/2014 2:47:30 PM
ADA 2000 Winding Height Desk

A height adjustable desk can lead to greater health benefit

A height adjustable desk can lead to greater health benefit

There have been many reports of the last few years regarding the health benefits of using a computer while standing up. Posture is key to working long hours in front of a monitor, and despite all our best efforts we all too easily regress to slouching or hunching up our shoulders while at work.

Retractable winding handle for user height adjustable desk models

The ADA 2000 desk offers the user the best of both worlds. In its standard position it's an 1800 x 800mm rectangular top desk with a height of 700mm. However, thanks to the winding handle to the side of the desk, you can raise the platform to a height of 980mm and therefore stand while working in front of your screen.

The desk itself is 18mm thick MFC with PVC edging, so it's generally more than tough enough for the average office worker. It's also wide and deep enough to accommodate a decent-sized monitor or a dual setup (our brace of 23" Dells were well placed), with ample room for keyboard, mouse and enough elbow space to write something down should you require it.

Color coded height scales can be added for schools


Color coded height scales can be added for schools

The desk arrives in a flat pack, but it's easy enough to construct, and the instructions are fairly self-explanatory. The actual winding of the desk, from its lowest point of 700mm to its highest at 980mm takes some doing, but the movement is fluid and free from jerks or any feeling of over tightness. It's worth mentioning, though, that the static weight the desk can hold is rated at 120kg, where the dynamic load, the weight while in motion, is 70kg. While this isn't a problem for most modern computer kit, even a pair of sizeable LCD monitors, should you use some legacy hardware such as large CRT monitors, then it's probably worth removing them before winding the desk.

Admittedly, the above scenario is going to be rare, but once you have a monitor, a project you're working on and a few other sundry items, the weight does start to creep up. Still, 70kg is around 11 stone, which is almost the weight of an average man, so this is going to affect only a small percentage of the user base.

The ADA 2000 is a very stable desk, even when it's wound out to its full height. Placing your weight on the front of the desk while fully extended does make it bend, and the temptation to lean more while you're standing is almost as bad as the temptation to slouch when sitting, but the desk takes this with surprising aplomb and doesn't feel like it's about to collapse at any given moment.

Naturally, the addition of the winding function makes the desk somewhat more expensive than its sit-down cousins, but if you work for long hours in a sitting position, then it may be worth testing a standing desk to see how much better you feel. In the long term, the health benefits are said to be great, so the ADA 200 range could well be the desk to keep in mind. Plus, those who require height adjusting desk space through a disability, for example, will also greatly benefit here.

All in all, a decent desk/workstation and one certainly worth looking more into.

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