Group Test Computer Desks March 2014 (Part 5) - Interlink Alexis Standing Desk

4/21/2014 2:47:39 PM
Interlink Alexis Standing Desk

Interlink Alexis Standing Desk

Not everyone owns or works with a base unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Believe it or not, some people actually prefer to conduct their computing business via a laptop. While this means you can take your PC anywhere and drop it on a kitchen table to work on, it does take away some of the benefits that a dedicated laptop desk can offer.

We were quite impressed with the Alexis laptop stand/desk

The Interlink Alexis standing desk is a black-and-silver finished, economically designed, height adjusting laptop platform that looks both modern and also carries with it the added health benefits of working while standing up.

It's made from MDF and metal, the wood part being the laptop platform itself, and the metal for the supporting leg and base. It measures from 600 (height) x 400 x 600mm when in its lowest position and can be extended up to 880mm by adjusting the turning screw on the side of the leg.



Height adjustment is very easy and the stand is quite stable

Height adjustment is very easy and the stand is quite stable

Also, you can adjust the angle of the platform tilt so it suits the user better when in the standing position.

The Alexis comes flat packed and requires assembly, but thankfully this is an easy task and can be achieved within 15 minutes by a single person. It's also remarkably light, weighing in at just 8kg and can be moved around thanks to the four castors on the base.

The quality is very good and the design works well to a degree. When fully extended, it did wobble a little when we moved it, but the rubberized feet on the bottom on the laptop prevented it from slipping off the platform. However, a tablet or phone could quite easily slip off.

It's certainly a sturdy enough desk, and although we did occasionally knock our feet against the base, it was nice to be able to stand up and work at a laptop that was brought up to a sensible reading height. What we didn't like too much was the fact that our rather large 17" power brick of the laptop was dangling in mid-air around the back of the desk, pulling the laptop backwards. And if you forget that you've plugged your laptop in and you move laptop didn't leave a lot of
room on the platform, and just through habit we often found ourselves with nowhere to rest our hands. It's purely a cosmetic complaint really, as we soon reprogrammed our stance and posture to accommodate it, but it's worth a mention nonetheless.

There's no cable management here, working on the fact that you will be using a fully charged laptop, so the power cord will have to drop down the back of the desk. While this isn't an issue most of the time, we did have one or two problems in that when fully extended the desk with it still on the platform, then you run the risk of having the laptop drop from a considerable height.

Again, though, these issues are cosmetic and easily remedied, so looking on the positive side of the Alexis, this is indeed an excellent laptop desk for the modern worker.

Micro mart

·             Editor’s choice - Vivo II Ergo

Yes, the Vivo II Ergo is expensive, and it's large and heavy too, but if you're working for a fair portion of the day in front of your PC, then this desk is the best of the bunch. Mind you, size matters, so if you can't fit it in, then perhaps the Medara or Huntingdon will do the trick.

·           Highly commended - Interlink Alexis Standing Desk

We were fairly impressed with the Interlink Alexis standing desk. The health benefits of standing while working are noticeable, and we liked its modern, light feel too. Plus, it's not a bad price either.

How we tested

Each desk was tested with both laptops and base units (where possible for each), along with the usual mix of full-sized keyboard, mouse, printer, desktop speakers and plenty of Post-it notes dotted around.

Desks were constructed, moved around as much as possible on both carpeted and wooden floors (again, where applicable) and tested in various positions that could be regarded as a normal setup for most people.

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