HTC One S - Perfect Finish

12/28/2012 11:30:40 AM

We’ve already hailed the HTC One X a resounding success, so can the slightly less potent One S produce the same result?

One of the standout features of the HTC One X was the brand new version of the Sense user interface, so we’ve glad to report that it’s just as much fun to get stuck into on the S too. If you liked the look of the One X then you get much more of the same from the S, only it comes with a slightly watered down specification, such as the smaller on-board storage capacity of 16 as opposed to 32GB and it’s also got smaller dimensions too. There’s not actually much in it to be honest, although the screen is less capacious as a result of the more slimline styling. And slim this phone is too, at just 7.9mm deep.

Perfect finish



The exterior is certainly very eye-catching and that’s mainly because it features two different style options, including one that is an ultra-matte black Ceramic Metal Iustre that, apparently, has some kind of previous use in satellites, while the other is a luscious anodized finish that looks very sophisticated indeed. Then, once you’ve picked your way around that impressive exterior, there’s plenty to discover inside the One S too. It’s got the same camera as that fitted to the One X, which means there are 8-megapixels plus auto-focus, a smart LED flash along with the special sensor that allows it to cope with low-light exposures.

Adding to the appeal for any photography fan is full HD video recording at 1080p, a front-facing VGA camera for social media updates and the like, plus image stabilization, which is often a must for many picture taking scenarios on a camera phone due to their small sized status. The One S does deliver the goods on most fronts in that respect, but it’s the updated Sense user interface experience that really makes it more of a success story than anything.

All-round performance is much like that of the One X too, with plenty of power at hand from the 1.5Gz dual-core processor to motor Android 4 along very nicely. On-screen graphics are very impressive, while the multimedia tools on hand are an added bonus and make the One S a premium all-rounder. Of course, thanks to the slightly humbler design and build specifications, you’ll find that the One S is a little lighter too, so the slimmer dimensions come with an extra bonus on that front. In fact, this particular smartphone is one of the thinnest you can currently buy.

Get connected

Alongside the quality finish and performance-minded innards, the One S will also keep most people happy when it comes to on-board toys. HTC was been careful to retain much of what has made its earlier models so user-friendly, an Sense now means they’re friendlier than ever. Ice Cream Sandwich, the fourth incarnation of the Google smartphone OS, is also beautifully stable and never instills any feeling of nervousness, even when dealing with things like large image files or wodges of high-definition video footage.

Get connected

There are also the day-to-day essential tools including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE connectivity. The audio tools here are on a par with those found on the One X, so put it altogether and this is a smartphone that pretty much does it all, while also looking good as part of the deal. Indeed, if you spend an increasing amount of your time listening to and streaming content from the internet then HTC’s Music Hub concept will provide you with an excellent way of streamlining your music listening activities.

You can improve that experience still further by calling on the help of a special stereo clip that lets you play the same content through your car speakers, which adds a neat additional appeal to proceedings. Put it all together and you’ve got a smartphone that is going to prove a huge hit with gadget fans. What’s more, the excellent camera plus associated software and hardware capabilities man that it could also do good business with photography fans. The finish alone is going to attract a reasonable amount of attention from envious fellow smartphone owners if you’re tempted to buy.



If you’re looking for a smartphone that comes bristling with all of the latest technological developments then the HTC One S is the one to go for. Although it’s slightly smaller than the One X, which is actually the sort of thing that might appeal to those who need a pocket-sized mobile solution, the performance on offer here is still top-notch. HTC has done another sterling job at making their Sense user-interface a real success story, while Android 4 chunters along as dependably as earlier versions of the operation system. In that respect, S really does look like being short for Success.


·         Price: $629

·         Processor: 1.5GHz

·         Memory: 16GB

·         Display: 4.3-inch

·         Camera: 8-megapixel

·         Operating system: Android 4.0

·         Web:

·         Total: 8/10


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